1313 Trailer: Into the Underworld.Edit

A Trooper of the Galactic Republic was leading a Smuggler, Tundort, and a Jedi Knight, Taunwe vas Corellia into a small prison.

Tundort) So where's 1313?

Taunwe) It can't possibly be above the surface.

Trooper) Because it isn't. We made it underground. No one is getting out of there without government clearance.

(They walk into an industrial elevator shaft)

Trooper) Take a deep breath, It's going to be the last you have in a while.

Tundort) Fresh air is over rated.

Trooper) We'll see about that once you're down there.

(The cables supporting the elevator break)

Trooper) Not again!

(A Hover Platform made of scrap parts comes into view)

Taunwe) Is that platform made of... Scrap parts?

(To be continued in Episode 1)

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