(teleports to ziecon)

Zie: Hello Jerrys and jerrettes... time unveil SOOPER JERRY QWEST!!! its a epic fanon made by YOURS TRUELY ZIE and jerry goes to jerryland elementary skool and has some adventures.

I can reveal that the first episode should appear sometime this week and stuff.


Jerry: cmon barry we will have an adventure

Barry: but skool, how will we do it when we have skool.

Jerry: with these clones.

Barry: yay


So yeah episode 1 is called "Jerry's Schooltastic Adventure" and episode two is "Jerry Vs Larry" and the third is "Show And Jerry", so yeah pretty much every episode name has jerry in it.

SIGNING OFF PEACE Zie, Was Here 19:16, January 18, 2013 (UTC)

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