Set two months after the events of Fight for All, the New Battle Brawlers meet a Brawler named Terry. For some reason, Terry will stop at nothing to defeat Michael. International Bakugan Association sponsors the new "Bakugan World Championship", a world tournament where between three and six representatives from each country around the world gather and battle to become the world champions. When Michael, Terry, Nathan, Jorge, Fabia, and Matthew are chosen as the representatives of the western part of America, they won't hold anything back to become the world champions! Will the New Battle Brawlers win the World Championship and become the strongest Brawlers on Earth?


Team Meta CrushersEdit

  • Michael Pyrus
    • Bakugan: Meta Dragonoid Pyrus
  • Terry Aquos
    • Bakugan: Einhornus Aquos
  • Nathan Ventus
    • Bakugan: Flash Ingram Ventus
  • Jorge Subterra
    • Bakugan: Flare Wilda Subterra
  • Fabia Sheen Haos
    • Bakugan: Mystic Aranaut Haos
  • Matthew Darkus
    • Bakugan: Cyclone Percival Darkus

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