If you've seen the Star Wars films, then you've most likely seen the glorious streets of Coruscant. Taxis flying from place to place, The Jedi Temple, the markets, etc etc. But, there is a criminal underworld deep inside it. Level 1313. A prison city of sorts, some came here because they were exiled. Others willingly went in to start a new life. (Albeit very chaotic.) However, others see 1313 as something more than just a prison city. The Sith Empire see it as a opportunity. An opportunity to recruit criminals, break them out of 1313, and recruit them as Agents, Bounty Hunters, and Sith Lords. With this knowledge in mind, the Republic have sent in they're own members to stop them. This story takes place during the Cold War Era, 3,000 years before the rise of Darth Vader.


Tundort- Previously an outlaw because of smuggling illegal goods out of Coruscant. He escaped emprisonment in 1313 by hijacking a Jedi Starfighter to Nal Hutta, homeworld of the Hutts. The Chancellor called upon him for his help in driving the Sith out of 1313, due to his knowledge of the criminal underworld of Coruscant.

Taunwe vas Corellia- A Miraluka, a very human like race born without eyes. They use the force to see. Taunwe was born on Corellia, a prosperous planet until the Sith invaded. Because of her ability in using the force to see, she trained in the Jedi Academy on Tython, graduated and became a knight. Her first assignment is to assist the protection force on level 1313.


Darth Tyonus- A powerful Sith Lord leading the liberation force on 1313. Not much is know about him except that he lost an eye when fighting his master to become a Sith Lord.

More to come...

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