Zie is a user on Wikia who um is a person and stuff. He first joined Wikia on September 2011, and.. thats all. He wrote all his fanon's on Bakugan fanfic wiki, untill returning to Pyruslords Wiki in Summer 2012 and stuff.


Zie made several fanon's and stuff here.

  • Bakugan Shorts: Shorts featuring wacky adventures of Drags and Balista, it was canceled short after most of the first episode was written, and later lead to the creation of BAKUGAN.
  • Universal Quest: A series created by Zie on Bakugan fanfic wiki, it later appeared on Pyruslords Wiki in October 2012. It is supossingly on hiatus currently.
  • BAKUGAN: Something came in Zie's head, and it lead to a miracle, he thought of an.. achronym or whatever you call it and got Bakugan, thus lead to series creations and had the true adventures of Drags and Balista.
  • Pyruslords Quest: The first video-game on Pyruslords, it's an RPG game on PC, featuring the users of Pyruslords.

Possible CreationsEdit

  • Sooper Jerry Qwest (SJQ)

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