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Attribute(s) Ventus Ventus
Variations Zephyros
Partner Renardy
First Appearance  ???


Zephyros has 2 bladed like wings on each side to boost its speed when attacked, it also uses its claws to damage any of its opponents.


  • Razor Slash- Zephyros gets claws and slashes its opponent very hard with amazing power
  • Quick Jet- Zephyros has a fast speed boost, which makes him hard to see as he strikes a bakugan in a fast way
  • Extreme Jet- Zephyros has a extreme fast speed boost that makes the opponents unable to see him as he attacks their bakugan in a second
  • Tornado Blast- Zephyros' hands grip a chaotic swirling tornado that can damage the opponent's bakugan alot
  • Aerial Crash- Zephyros flies into the air, doing a complete circle, and slams his body into his opponent


  • Zephyros Means "Wind"

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