Attribute NONE
Power N/A
Variations  ?
Brawler None

Yrrej is the ultimate villain, he killed Barney but Barney cursed him so he looked like Barney, originally he looked like a dark version of Jerry but he changed and seeked revenge.


Who Is YrrejEdit

Yrrej has unspeakable powers, which is why he is known as the ultimate villain, he can fly and is basically invinicible, he has no known weakness and one tiny attack can instantly destroy anyone. Yrrej never dies, but he will someday, when his weakness is find out, he is the stronger clone of Jerry, and Jerry is destined to destroy him. Yrrej CANNOT be cloned, if there is a clone of him, the clone will instantly disinigrate, he doesn't even have a zombie version of him.

Yrrej Meets The ChatEdit

Yrrej entered the chat and caused havoc, but Jerry battled him and died, luckily Nintendo and Val saved him using 1-ups, but Yrrej got away.

Yrrej Vs Jerry: The Final BattleEdit

Yrrej and Jerry fought in an epic clash, while Nexus tried to kill Yrrej but failed, but Jerry lost his 1-ups, and later was destroyed by using everyones strength, his weakness was found out, he hates Jerry, so Jerry was revived and turned into Super Jerry, with all the cheering for him, he unleashed an ultimate attack that destroyed Yrrej once and for all.


He doesn't have abilities but he has all elemental powers and healing powers, teleporting, duplicating up to 1 billion, invincibility and much more. 

The power of yrrej activates if yrrej is summoned, it automatically disables the opponent from using abiltiies for a minute. Which is why yrrej is bad to summon

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