Yein Jeong is a main protagonist in WildTales: G-Hackerz. She is a Korean idol and her drive is known as Pawze.


Yein is a short and petite girl who is 5'5 with brown hair. She has caramel-colored highlights in her hair, which she wears in a single high ponytail. Her usual attire is her school uniform which can be passed off as a casual outfit. It is a pink suit jacket with a thick short sleeve shirt underneath. She also wears a medium sea-green pleated skirt complemented with red trimmings. She wears white-high socks and black buckle-up shoes. In her Fanodenian form, her outfit changes to a sailorfuku with a pink cape and short pleated skirt. She also has a sea green bow and two high ponytails with red highlights in them. Her ears also become ornamented with small hoop earrings. She has pink eyeshadow as well as glitter on her face. And just like everyone else from the human world, her ears become slightly pointed. She also dons green lace up shoes.


Yein has a very cheery and peppy personality. She is the perfect example of the stereotypical girly girl type. She is very intelligent and makes the highest grades in her class. She also fits the mother figure type and treats her friends like her own siblings. She is very playful and her most notable characteristic is her love for amusement parks.


Yein Jeong joined Woollim Entertainment through auditions and was placed into the idol group Lovelyz who have become popular quickly with their catchy song, Candy Jelly Love. Before this, she lived the normal life of a schoolgirl in South Korea. She grew up in a middle class household and singing and dancing were her hobbies. She came from school one sunny day and she found a red paw flash drive. In Fanodenia, it is known as Pawze. She used her key and wandered in the mysterious land and eventually came across Destin Bauer and Chaz de LaRosa where they would later become team partners and good friends.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In Fanodenia I e

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