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( Samantha buries her head in Wolfgang's pillow )

Samantha) Wolfgang...Where did you go...

( Samantha has a flashback )

Wolfgang) Okay...Samantha, I'm kind-of afraid...Darterym was supposely dead, but if his power still exist with me, then he probably isn't...Not only that, but Arric's control is getting to me...I don't know how much longer I can last...

Samantha) Well, I guess that explains why your eyes where purple last night...While you were at the railing and while we were in bed...

Wolfgang) Really?

Samantha) Yeah...I hugged you last night while we were in bed, that snapped you out of it...

Wolfgang) Well, that explains why I woke up to you hugging me...

Samantha) Yeah...

( Samantha's flashback ends )

Samantha) Did he really lose control of himself...What if he snaps out of it...Would he know where he was...WHY DID I HAVE TO LEAVE WITHOUT HIM! D=

[ Meanwhile, over by Wolfgang's location ]

Wolfgang) I will follow, my master...

Arric) Good!

Wolfgang) Any thing you want me to do?

Arric) Yes...There is one thing I have in mind for you!

Wolfgang) Great!

[ By Nintendocan ]

Nintendocan) Please! I HATE IT HERE!

Cop 1) You're going to have to be bailed out!

Nintendocan) Come on! I helped save Earth!

Cop 1) But you didn't save it!

Nintendocan) So what!

Pyrieror) He's a cranky old mannn...

Cop 2) I know, right!

Nintendocan) -_-

[ Back at Samantha ]

Mike) Can you please get my daddy back, Samantha?

Samantha) ...

Mike) Can you?

Samantha) You can come in...

Mike) Okay...

( Mike opens the door, while Samantha turns to her side, looking away from Mike )

Mike) Samantha...My dad is in jail...The cops took Pyrieror too. can you free them?

Samantha) Okay...I guess I'll go now...

Mike) Really!

Samantha) Yeah...I need the walk anyways...

( Samantha gets up and walks to Mike )

Samantha) Before you ask, you stay here...I'll go myself...

Mike) Why?

Samantha) Just because...

Mike) Okay...

( Mike and Samantha leave Samantha and Wolfgang's room )

Kyleronco) You know you don't have to

Samantha) Well, I'm going to...

Kyleronco) Where's Wolfgang anyways?

Samantha) ...

( Samantha turns and walks to the door )

Samantha) I don't know...

( Samantha walks outside with her hear down, after opening and closing the door )

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