Wraith Aensland Erosnia is a Spectroid!
Wraith Aensland Erosnia
Nickname(s) Wraith
Gender Female
Species Spectroid
Affiliation Villain
Style Offensive
Weapon(s) N/A
Power(s) Darkness Manipulation


She wears black bustier with purple leggings and black boots. She has long green hair and has two bat wings on her back and smaller ones on her head. She also wears arm-long gloves and a feathered collar.

Description of Armor:Edit

  • Breastplate/Chestplate -
  • Gloves -
  • Armored leggings -
  • Armored boots -

Description of Weapon:Edit

She doesn't use any weapons.


She grew up in an evil organization cakled the apostles of darkness where she was raised to be a fierce warrior. Their object was to defeat the prophets of light. She eventually became one of the strongest warriors in the organization and is still very active.


Ruthless, sadistic and conceited. She shows no mercy in battle and at times can toy with one's emotions. In addition, she loves manipulating others.



Special Abilities:Edit

Strongest Special Ability:Edit


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