Wolfram is a Crystalian!
Nickname(s) Wolfram
Gender Male
Species Crystalian
Affiliation Villain
Style Balance
Weapon(s) Crystal objects he creates himself
Power(s) Crystal Manipulation
Emotional Energy Manipulation


Skin color is no different, but hair color is clear (you cannot see the person's skin if there's a lot of hair because it becomes unclear). In addition, his hair is a mess with some sticking up, to the right, left, and even going down to his back. However, his hair doesn't show his mood, but his mood can be seen through his changing eye color. His nails are also clear.

Description of Armor:Edit

  • Breastplate/Chestplate - Made out of crystal
  • Armored leggings - Made out of crystal
  • Boots - Made out of crystal

Description of Weapon:Edit

Wolfram makes his own weapons using his crystal abilities. A few examples of what he can make are a spear, shield, and claws.



Wolfram is a ruthless man, who has no feelings for life. He'd rather kill those who stand against him, then let then live for even a second. He is a bitter man when it comes to liveforms buying crystal from his planet. This is part of the reason as to why he wants to awaken Soltaros from his sleep.


  • Crystal Manipulation
    • Armor
    • Range attacks
    • Wall defenses
  • Emotional Energy Manipulation
    • Instill emotion in crystal figures he creates


Special Abilities:Edit

Strongest Special Ability:Edit


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