Wolf is sleeping outside, since the Masked Man got him a cage to sleep in. Everyone else is asleep in a room. No one knows what's coming for them in an hour.

Wolf) Wolfie, I know, I've only known you for a day... but I feel like you're my best friend.

Wolfie) I know...

Wolf) I love looking at the stars, I mean you never know what can happen with them. I may not be at Neathia or Earth... but I still watch the stars. The moon is full, you know what that means.

Wolfie) You turn into a Werewolf?

Wolf) *Whispers to Wolfie* No...

Wolfie) Oh...

Wolf and Wolfie) *Looking at the moon* AWOOOO!

Wolf) Wolfie, I need to tell you something

Wolfie) Okay

Wolf) .... .... .... .... ... ... ...

Wolfie) 0_0 Okay

Redakaibakulover) Why you sleeping out here. Wolf?

Wolf) Cage = Pound, I slept in royalty and not a cage with no bed. Besides, I like sleeping with Wolfie

Wolfie) It's true

Hydros) ... Are you two married or something

Wolf) Redakaibakulover, Hydros, does know, I'm Neathian and Wolfie is a Neathian Bakugan, but I'm not a Bakugan... and that we're both guys... right?

Redakaibakulover) Yes and no

Wolf) Then teach him... so it's all yes.

Hydros) Hey... I don't wear ugly beast suits

???) Hehehe... We got arguing going on

Wolf) Who the... ( interruption )

???) Ability Activate! Wing Breaker! ( MW, flys into his opponent, leading to 2 wing swipes to his opponent )

( The Bakugan's impact sends Wolf flying into a tree )

Wolfie) Err! ( Wolfie gets out of ball form )

Hydros) I serously think they're gonna be a couple or something.

Redakaibakulover) Hydros! They aren't and will not, just focus on the task at hand!

???) This will be easy pickings!

Wolfie and Redakaibakulover vs. ??? and ???! Episode 7 Part 2/2