Bling) So you can hold back...

Sarieror) Yeah, that's what I've been doing...

Blue) THIS ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE! Ability Activate! Shining Swordly! ( Bling uses his sword to slash his opponent )

( Bling lifts his sword up into the air and makes a slash towards Sarieror's face )

Mike) Ability Activate! Burning Forceback! ( Sarieror creates a barrier of heat that pushes an opponent back )

Nintendocan) Nice job...

( Bling's sword gets stuck in the barrier, while Bling holds onto it, flying but not getting pushed )

( Bling slowly brings his feet onto the barrier )

Blue) Ability Activate! Bling Blind Eye Transfer! ( Bling's eyes shine brightly, blinding the enemy with a transferring look )

( Sarieror's eyes start to glaze over white )

( The barrier wears off )

( Bling swings his sword towards Sarieror's head )

Mike) Ability Activate! Flame Twirltex! ( Sarieror spins with his sword out, making a few flames spin with him )

( Bling gets hit by Sarieror's sword flying backwards and crashing into the ground )

Mike) Ability Activate! Learning Flames! ( Used after Flame Twirltex, the spinning flames leave Sarieror and target the opponent )

( The flames move towards Bling, while Sarieror stops spinning )

Sarieror) Dizzy...

( Sarieror moves around weirdly )

Blue) Ability Activate! Fierlously Change! ( Bling throws his sword that absorbs fire, acting like a boomerang )

( Bling's sword is thrown, absorbs the fire, and crashes into Sarieror's head )

( Sarieror falls to the ground, while Bling flies up into the air, waiting for his sword )

Blue) YES! YES! YES! Ability Activate! Spinning Sword Striker! ( Bling's sword attaches onto his head's and spins in a circle format )

( Bling's sword flies back, attaching to Bling's crowned head )

( Bling drills towards Sarieror )


( Sarieror lays unconscious )


( Blue appears next to Mike )

( Mike turns around )

Blue) AH-HA!

( Blue puts his hands around Mike's neck, choking him )

( Blue lifts Mike )

( Sarieror moves to his side as Bling's head crashes into the ground )


( Bling tries to free his head )

Nintendocan) *Running* Ability Activate! Rocky Comet! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid falls down as a rocky fireball )

( Roxanoid jumps into the air, getting rocky hard with blue flames around his body )

( Roxanoid starts to fall down )

( Nintendocan gets to Mike, punching Blue's face before he can drop Mike )

( Mike lands on his butt )

Mike) *Breathing hard*

( Mike passes out )

( Nintendocan puts his left arm around Blue's head and then trips him back first, while Roxanoid crashes onto Bling, squishing him )

( Purple sparks come from Blue's back as Bling turns to his ball form )

Nintendocan) MIKE!

( Nintendocan picks Mike up )

( Mike continues to breathe hard )

Nintendocan) You did a good job...

( Persona gets up )

Persona) My head hu-Where am I?

[ Meanwhile at the steps ]

( Arric opens a door )

( Wolfgang runs through the door before Arric can close it )

Wolfgang) *Breathing hard* No where else to go now...

Wolfgang vs. Team Arric! Episode 79 Part 10/10

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What will Wolfgang do?

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