( Wolfgang runs up the steps after Arric )

Darkusfan202) Ability Activate! Darkstruction! ( Shadow Meteonoid fires a dark comet-like from his palms )

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Rocky Flame! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid fires an attack that is mixed with rocks and fire )

( The comet and rocky flames collide )

Darkusfan202) Ability Activate! Hidden Shadow! ( Shadow Meteonoid creates an invisible beam that targets the opponent )

( The cemet gets through the rocky flames )

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Flameblazing Blaze! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid's body encases in flames, after landing the flames spread apart to deal extra attack damage )

( Roxanoid jumps into the air and reaches the ceiling )

( Roxanoid jumps off the ceiling, increasing his speed )

( Roxanoid's foot crashes onto the comet, splitting it in halves )

( Flames erupt and move to Meteonoid )

Darkusfan202) Ability Activate! Dark Discussion! ( Shadow Meteonoid disappears into shadows )

( Meteonoid disappears, avoiding the flames )

[ Meanwhile at Blue vs. Mike ]

( The flames race up Sarieror's sword )

( Sarieror swings his sword )

( Bling blocks with his sword )

Bling) No, no, no...Young one!

( Bling pushes Sarieror's sword away )

Blue) It's going to take more then that to beat us!

Mike) ...

Sarieror) Really?

( Sarieror trips Bling with a fireball to his leg )

( Sarieror swings his sword )

( Bling counters with a fist to Sarieror's leg )

( Sarieror drops his sword )

[ Back at DF vs. Nintendo ]

( Roxanoid releases fire blast in any direction )

Darkusfan202) Ability Activate! Sneaker's Way! ( Shadow Meteonoid comes from the shadows and attacks the opponent )

( Meteonoid appears behind Roxanoid and blasts the opponent away )

( Roxanoid flies into a wall with his feet out and pushes towards Meteonoid )

Nintendocan) Ability Activate! Comet Crash! ( Flameblaze Roxanoid's body turns into a flaming comet that attacks the opponent )

( Sarieror ducks )

( Roxanoid crashes into Meteonoid )

( Meteonoid turns into his ball form, while purple sparks come out of Darkusfan202 )

( Darkusfan202 passes out )

Wolfgang vs. Team Arric! Episode 77 Part 8/10

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