( A beast arises from Wolfgang's arm )

???) I'm the light...He has summoned me and he will gain a wish...He will recover and he is Wolfgang...

Wolfgang) ...

( Wolfgang's arm stops glowing )

Wolfgang) And you are?

???) My name is Harterym, I'm Darterym's good half...

Wolfgang) ...

DarkusGUY) Ability Activate! Darkened Slash! ( Darkened Dragonoid charges into the opponent with his bladed wing out )

Pyrosmaster) Ability Activate! Volcanic Rust! ( Volcano Dragonoid heat his fist up and punches his opponent )

( As Darkened Dragonoid gets closer, Volcano Dragonoid waits )

PG) Ability Activate! Rushing Voltrosion! ( Voltronic Leonial jumps into the air releasing thousands of lightning bolts )

( Lightning bolts start zapping anything in sight )

( Volcano Dragonoid goes to punch Darkened Dragonoid, but gets zapped by lightning bolts )

( Darkened Dragonoid slashes Volcano Dragonoid )

( Volcano Dragonoid grabs Darkened Dragonoid by his arm )

Pyrosmaster) Ability Activate! Volcanic Erupt! ( Volcano Dragonoid fires an intense beam from his volcanic chest )

( The intense beam crashes into Darkened Dragonoid )

( Darkened Dragonoid flies into a wall )

( The rain stops )

Mike) Ability Activate! Heated Slash! ( Sarieror swings his sword causing heat to attack the opponent )

( Sarieror swings his sword, while Meteonoid stays still )

Shadow Meteonoid) That feels go...DO IT AGA-BOOM!

( The heated area explodes )

Nintendocan) Wow...

Mike) Oops...Forgot to read that it explodes...=D

Nintendocan) XD

[ Meanwhile by Arric ]

Arric) ...

( Arric, in head, What to do...What to do...I got it! )

[ Meanwhile, at Serenity's home ]

Scar) SO...wait...WHAT!

Samantha) Wolfgang went some where and I have a bad feeling it's where Tigera is...

Kyuubi) And this is?

Samantha) Arric's base...

Kyuubi) There...I remember that place...

Samantha) Can you go there for me?

Kyuubi) Sure, Scar and me can go...

Scar) Yeah...Wait...Where?

Kyuubi) Just follow me there then...

[ Back at the castle-like base ]

( Ziperator kicks Bling to the ground )

Ziperator) Sarieror, can you please handle Bling for me! I have something to try!

Sarieror) SURE!

( Ziperator lands next to Volf )

( Ziperator fuses with Volf and they both disappear )

Wolfgang) Volf...

( Arric runs up the steps )

Wolfgang) Okay...My wish is _______

Harterym) Okay, that can happen!

( Wolfgang quickly gets up and runs after Arric )

Wolfgang) Volf, Tigera, Samantha...This is for you all!

Wolfgang vs. Team Arric! Episode 76 Part 7/10

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What could Wolfgang's wish be?

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