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Wolfgang) ...

FSB) Ability Activate! Blazing Storm! ( Flare makes a vortex of flames that cause a stormy attack )

( Flames extend to high rates )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Windy Pulse! ( Elemention Volf uses his orb to create a windy pulse )

( The windy pulse hits the flames, making them grow )

Persona) Ability Activate! Demon's Fire! ( Embery releases energy from her wings, that create a demon of fire )

( The flames start to move towards Embery as she releases energy )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Crushing Gust! ( Elemention Volf flaps his wings sending forceful winds towards the opponent )

APW) Ability Activate! Fury's Burn! ( Fierious slashes the opponent with burning claws )

( Fierious comes out of no where and slashes Volf )

( Volf turns into water )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Liquified Slash! ( Elemention Volf reforms slashing his opponent )

( Watery claws slash Fierious away )

( Volf starts to reform, in water )

FSB) Ability Activate! Flare Burn! ( Flare releases a flare that causes burn damage to an opponent, when impact is made )

( The flare flies through Volf )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Liquity Charge! ( Elemention Volf slides into the opponent with force in a watery form )

( Volf charges into Flare, but misses since Flare jumped into the air )

( A fiery fist crashes into Volf )

( Volf evaporates )

Wolfgang) ...

( A fiery fist head for Wolfgang )

( The evaporated water slams through the fist, disabling it )

( Volf reforms to his normal look )

Elemention Volf) You think you'll take me out!

( Elemention Volf spins in a drill motion, moving through the demon's arm )

Flare) O_O

( Elemention Volf charges into Embery, taking Embery out )

( Embery returns to her ball form )

( Purple sparks attack Persona, while she passes out )

FSB) Ability Activate! Flare Gun Destroyer! ( Flare uses a huge gun to attack his opponent )

Flare) OH YEAH!

( A huge gun appears in Flare's hands, targetted on Volf )

( Flare charges the gun )

Wolfgang) He really thinks he can shot us, right?

Elemention Volf) Yep...


Flare) ADIOS!


( Flare fires the gun with laser like flames )

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