Wolfgang vs. Nitro Wolfie is about to happen and Wolf's R.I.P stone has been bought and custom made with Wolf's name and two wolf pictures, with a moon at the top, in the middle.

Wolfgang) Volf! Lets do this! ( Volf comes out of ball form )

Nitro Wolfie) The claws are out!

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Swaving Winds! ( Volf moves his winds, causing an intense gust )

Nitro Wolfie) Really? AWOOO!

( Strong winds go towards Volf's winds )

( White slash marks show in the sky )

Nitro Wolfie) Pretty good...

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Voltified Winds! ( Volf makes winds, that include a volts of electricity )

( Nitro Wolfie makes herself into 5 )

Nitro Wolfie) So which one will you hit?

Volf) All 5!

Nitro Wolfie) Yeah right!

( The wings hit all 5 Nitro Wolfies, but none disappear )

Nitro Wolfie) BYE!

( Nitro Wolfie tries to attack )

Nitro Wolfie) I CAN'T MOVE!

Volf) Yeah... That means I can hit you 5!

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Tailen Spikes! ( Volf swings his tail and green spikes fly off )

( The spikes hit all 5 Nitro Wolfies and four disappear )

Volf) Once there was five and now there is one!

Nitro Wolfie) Hmph!

( Volf gets next to Nitro Wolfie )

Volf) We can call a truce, right here...

Nitro Wolfie) STUPID! ( Spins in a drill like motion, with a green aura )


( Volf turns to ball form )

Nitro Wolfie) Now... I don't have to listen to you!

Wolfgang) But!

Nitro Wolfie) But... ( Nitro Wolfie zones out into a white place )

Wolf's Spirit) What's wrong with you!

Nitro Wolfie) W...W..Wolf!

Wolf's Spirit) Yeah... Now I need an answer!

Nitro Wolfie) I don't think I should listen to that runt!

Wolf's Spirit) He's my son, not a runt!

Nitro Wolfie) BUT!

Wolf's Spirit) I want you to protect Serenity and Wolfgang!

Nitro Wolfie) FINE!

Wolf's Spirit) I want you to be partners with Wolfgang!

Nitro Wolfie) ERR... FINE!

Wolf's Spirit) And lastly, teach Volf... He is very similar to you and your style. I know you don't want to, but I WANT YOU TO! IT'S TIME YOU WAKE UP AND SNAP OUT OF WHAT'S GOING ON WITH YOU! IF I TOOK YOU WITH ME, A FEW DAYS AGO, YOU WOULD HAVE DIED TOO!

Nitro Wolfie)...

( Nitro Wolfie snaps out of the white zone )

Wolfgang) But what?

Nitro Wolfie) I'll join you.

Training Day 1! Episode 18

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