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Wolfgang) Uncle Blue, you better be ready for some revenge...

Blue) ...

( Volf and Bling come out of their ball forms, heading towards each other )

Blue) Ability Activate! Shining Swordly! ( Bling uses his sword to slash his opponent )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Magnetic Pulse! ( Gemention Volf releases a magnetic pusle from his magnetic gem )

( Bling flies backwards into a rock, stuck with his sword )

Gemention Volf) Magnetism, I love you sometimes...

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Crystic Crack! ( Gemention Volf charges into the opponent and leaves heavy damage )

( Gemention Volf charges into Bling )

( Bling brings his body up )

( Gemention Volf charges through the rock, smashing it )

Blue) Ability Activate! Blazebright Slash! ( Bling slashes the opponent with a bright white, flaming slash )

( Bling charges towards Gemention Volf with his sword )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Crystic Change! ( Gemention Volf's body changes to a hard clear diamond structure )

( Bling's sword crashes onto Volf's body and breaks )

Bling) MY SWORD!

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Haos Bright! ( Channeling haos energy, Gemention Volf shines a bright white )

Bling) *Covers eyes* ONLY I CAN SHINE!

Blue) Ability Activate! Blind Consume! ( Bling creates white flames that consume an opponent )

( White flames consume Volf's body )

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Electrocution! ( Gemention Volf discharges electricity in a field, targetting an opponent )

( The white flames burst and crash into Bling as he is paralyzed in the electrical field )

Blue) Ability Acti-

Wolfgang) Ability Activate! Emerald Pulse! ( Gemention Volf releases a hard, green pulse, that targets the opponent )

( The emerald pulse crashes into Bling as he turns to his ball form )

( In the crowd, Wolf stands up )

10 minutes later...

Pyrus Phockery) SNOWBALL FIGHT!

( Aquos Phockery and Pyrus Phockery hide, while Darkus Phockery and Jokathak stare each other down )

Pyrus Phockery) Hurry...Make them! *Adds pyrus energy to a snowball*

Aquos Phockery) I am! *Adds aquos energy to a snowball*

Darkus Phockery) You think you're tough...

Jokathak) Yeah, yeah I do!

Darkus Phockery) Well...*Roundhouse kicks Jokathak*

( Jokathak grabs DP's leg and throws him into a wall )

Darkus Phockery) OH...YOU DIDN'T JUST DO THAT! *Charges into Jokathak*

( Jokathak grabs releases a beam from his palm )

( Darkus Phockery gets him and flies through a wall )

Pyrus Phockery) ATTACK! *Throws snowballs*

( Aquos Phockery throws snowballs too )

( The snowballs explode )

( Bendo le hides behind a snowy wall )

DM) ... This is going to get ugly *Hides*

( Snow flies into the sky, making bad seeing conditions )


( Darkus Phockery gets back up and throws a black snowball )


( A black explosion concludes the battle as Jokathak turns to his ball form )


Bendo) Not cheating, 3 Phockeries = 1

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