Age 5 (Story II)
15 (Story III)
15-16 (Story IV)
18 (Story V)
19 (Epilogue)
20 (MoCC)
22 (DF)
26 (LR)
Birthday October 10th
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Earth
Race Neathian
Occupation Brawler
Main Attribute Crystalic Attributes
Ventus Ventus
Guardian Bakugan Volf
Secondary Bakugan Sonic Skyeroid
Cyber Slash Ingram (deceased)
First Appearance A New Beginning! Episode 1
Side Protagonist


Wolf and Serenity's son. Wolfgang is a very smart 5 year old. He is also a Ventus brawler, to carry on his father's legacy. He acts like Wolf a lot. His hair is dirty-blonde and he has bright, blue eyes.

Teen YearsEdit

Wolfgang wears collared shirts, with black pants. He has bright blue eyes and short brown hair. He had the necklace, that Samantha put on his wrist, on all of the time. Wolfgang is a person who respects others and who will care and take action, with thinking included. He was a wrestler in school and gets trapped in his thoughts time after time.


Wolfgang is married to Samantha and has four children (Jenna, Alexandria, Aaron, and Starlet). He is respectful, kind, and smart. Wolfgang has a small obsession about his Dad, Wolf, wanting to get some kind of revenge, while not killing him or changing the future. He's had a growing hatred against paparazzi and still gets catch in his thoughts at times.