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Dark-Bright CorperEdit

  1. Crystal, Alice, Mike, Jane, Christian, & Garren vs. Ray, Trent, Persona, May, Johnny, & Kyle) No Outcome
  2. Mike vs. Christian) Draw
  3. Airren vs. Blue) No Outcome
  4. Mike & Christian vs. Master24) Mike
  5. Mike & Pyrym vs. Black Creature) Mike & Pyrym
  6. Samantha & Arric vs. Black Creature) Samantha & Arric
  7. Jane vs. Johnny) Jane
  8. Persona vs. Kyle) Persona
  9. Guarge vs. Kyuubi & James) Kyuubi & James
  10. Infernic vs. Kyuubi & James) James
  11. Crimson vs. Corpians) Crimson
  12. Mike & Jupico vs. Loust) Mike & Jupico
  13. Christian, May, Ray, Jane, Johnny, & Garren vs. Pyro, Kyuubi, & Toxinide Helios) Pyro, Kyuubi, & Toxinide Helios
  14. Personity & Aqurrias vs. Pyro, Kyuubi, & Toxinide Helios) Pyro, Kyuubi, & Toxinide Helios
  15. Jupico vs. Toxinide Helios) Jupico
  16. Arric vs. Blue vs. Airren vs. Kyleronco) Blue
  17. Nexus & Mike vs. Infernic)

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