Age 17 (Story I)
22 (Story II)
32 (Story III)
32-33 (Story IV)
35 (Story V)

36 (Epilogue)
37 (MoCC)
37 (H-TC)
37 (D-BC)
39 (DF)
43 (LR)
Birthday September 28th
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Neathia
Race Neathian
Occupation Brother
Main Attribute Ventus Ventus → Crystalic Attributes → Mutated Crystal Attributes
Secondary Attribute Haos Haos
Guardian Bakugan Wolfie
Secondary Bakugan Ziperator (former; deceased)
Skyeroid (former)
Cyber Slash Ingram (former; deceased)
Snakidoid (Missing)
Personity (former)
Darterym (deceased)
First Appearance Introduction! Episode 1 Part 1/2
Side Protagonist (I - MoCC)
Antagonist (MoCC - LR)
Key Italics - deceased

Teen YearsEdit

Wolf liked to work alone, not thinking everything through all the time. He liked speed over anything else and is prone to injuries.He was a member of the Pyruslords. Wolf lived with wolves after running away from his family. He is Blue's older brother, but he was adopted into his family.


Still likes to work alone and is still a Ventus Brawler. Is married to Serenity, his former doctor. He has a son named Wolfgang and is awaiting his daughter's birth. He also has an Alaskan Malamute, named Cookie. He is 23 years old, when this story starts. Wolf loves to look at the moon and stars, at night. Wolf was inducted to the Legends' Circle, alone with other friends. Although he was retired from brawling, he still brawled a lot. Wolf is an extremely good Ventus brawler, who rarely loses a fight. He had seven children to take care of (Wolfgang, May, Christian, Persona, Ray, Crystal, and Samantha). Wolf died after facing a Black Figure, passing his legacy to Wolfgang, in hopes of him saving the Earth. After a brief return in a tournament, Wolf still doesn't think much through and is eventually killed in Messages of Crystalic Change. Later on, Wolf is revealed alive and an antagonist. He likes to get in peoples' heads.