Was a large aquos bakugan, then his attribute changed. He is like a whale. He has 1 horn, that is used like a drill. He has some pretty sharp fins and under his whale body are two arms, with hands and two legs ,with feet. His legs and arms allow him to walk on land, and attack. His hands and feet are webbed, with sharp claws. In water, he is fast, but on land, he's slow. On land he, charges into his opponent, with his drill. Underwater he can still charge, but his drill can also make a whirlpool. His whale body is a gray body, tinted with dark blue. His body for being on land is, a light blue, He has purple eyes. He was aquos and then in the story he decided he'll be pyrus and changed himself. He is now has Dark Red whale body, a light red ( body for land ), yellow claws, and orange eyes.

Abilities: Edit

Big Protection: ( Whaliod, uses his whale body as a defense ( on land only ) 3) Magma Shield: ( Whaloid makes a shielded out of magma, while charging into his opponent ) 4) Drill Horn: Whaliod's horn moves around, can be used to spin its opponent around ) 5) Drill Horn Destruction: ( Can only be used in Lava, Whaliod spins his horn around, to make a whirlpool of lava. ) 6) Sharp Strike: ( On Land only, Whaliod kicks his opponent with is sharp web foot. ) 7) Lava beam: (Used on land only, Whaliod mixes oxygen and lava in his body for a big blast.) 8) Magma Wave: ( Whaloid sents a wave of magma at his opponent )

Spout WhaloidEdit

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