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Attribute(s) Subterra Subterra
Partner Christian
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He is a hound-like bakugan. Werewerra is a brown bakugan with some silver armor. The silver armor covers the top of his legs and his claws. Due to the armor on his claws, his claws are super strong. The armor on Werewerra's legs have one spike, pointing out sharply.


  • Shock Speed- Werewerra charges into his opponent, sending shocks through the opponent's body
  • Werewerra Spin- Werewerra rolls around, creating a dust storm
  • Earthly Crush- Werewerra smashes his two front paws into the opponent
  • Ground Speed- Werewerra runs around the ground, bringing sand up into the air to blind his opponents
  • Ground Crusader- Werewerra runs around the ground, slamming each step, causing the ground to flow down

Ultimate Ability

  • Ground-Saw- Werewerra spins in a saw like motion, attacking the opponent

Crusade Werewerra
Attribute Subterra Subterra


Crusade Werewerra has a thinner body, silver stripes that ride up the side of his leg, one piece of armor with two spikes on each leg, and a new mane with silver riding down. His eight spikes have small, open tips. He can control the ground better than he could previously and is much faster.


  • Surface Howl- Crusade Werewerra howls with fragments of a landy surface lifting and attacking the opponent
  • Cuspultion- Crusade Werewerra stomps on the ground causing the opponent to be thrown from a chunk of rising ground
  • Coalesce Sharge- Crusade Werewerra charges towards the opponent with shards of land following him
  • Coalesce Shard- All shards from Werewerra's running form into a blast of one huge shard
  • Silvermane Headbutt- Crusade Werewerra headbutts the opponent with his silver mane
  • Wherewa Quake- Crusade Werewerra stomps onto the ground, causing an earthquake

Ultimate Ability

  • Earthly-Saw- Crusade Werewerra travels in a saw motion with rocks hovering around him and ground lifting as he moves

Basade Werewerra
Attribute Subterra Subterra


A wider Werewerra with spikes grown out.


  • Spike Bomb- Basade Werewerra's body closes into a ball as his spikey body falls onto the opponent
  • Balling Safe- Basade Werewerra's body turns to a spiky ball as he rolls towards the opponent
  • Spike's Pierce- Basade Werewerra's spikes shoot off his body
  • Extreme Spiroll- Basade Werewerra rolls into the opponent at a fast pace

Ultimate Ability

Sacred Ability

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