Gender Male
Age 16
Birthdate December 1, 1995
Planet of Origin Earth
Lifeform Human
Bakugan Partner Mystrone
Protagonist or Antagonist Protagonist

Description: Wears sunglasses and a trench coat. In the winter, he wears a heavier trench coat. His hair is brown and slicked back. He's normally seen wearing black pants and black and white shoes with little red. His shirts are normally striped and collared, varying with colors. He is only 5ft 2", weighting at only 100 pounds. He has a light tan with huge shoulders and some tone to his muscles.

Personality: Quiet and calm. He hates cold weather and feeling cold. W likes to run and can jump pretty high. Talks to himself more than other people. His quietness and mystriousness normally keep people away from him. He thinks of his past a lot.

Past History (event he/she suffered, accomplishments, etc.): W lost his Dad when he was a kid, his best friend when he was thirteen, and never got to say "bye" to his two friends, he known for a year. W was in a car accident with his grandparents. His grandparents didn't survive their injuries.

Gane OverEdit



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