Void Hydranoid is a Darkus, bipedal hydra-like Bakugan that is black and has purple and red markings over his body. He has two large, curved blades sticking out of his elbows, followed by smaller ones leading down to his hands. His tail has a spiked ball attached to it, to bash through the tougher defenses. He is owned by C22helios


Void Blades - Hydranoid's arm blades extend and glow purple. He can shoot them out of his arms, making them fly in a boomerang-like fashion, and come back, or use them for close ranged combat.

Mace Tail - Hydranoid jumps up, high into the air, and sticks his tail at the opponent, gravity then brings him down at a high speed, colliding with the opponent.

Mirage - Hydranoid envelops the battle field in mist and creates two copies of himself. However, the two copies are just images, so they cannot attack or be attacked.

Drain - Hydranoid creates a dark mist that drains other Bakugan of their energy

Darkness Spear - Hydranoid launches a quick and deadly beam of concentrated energy from his mouth.

From Darkness - Hydranoid grows spikes on his knuckles and fades into shadow. When popping out of the shadow, he punches the opponent.

Invoked Shield - Before being hit by an opponent, some of their energy is sapped to create a dark, rippling barrier.

Zero - Hydranoid creates a vortex that drags the opponent into it. He can either center it around hismelf or create it at a small distance away from him.

Nihilistic Epiphany - Hydranoid questions the very meaning of life in an extremely depressing and nihilistic way.

Ultimate AbilitiesEdit

Dark Voltage - Purple lightning surges around Hydranoid as it strikes out with amazing power-attacking anything within proximity of the surge-even allies.

Corruption - Hydranoid's dark thoughts are transformed into energy. The opponent is struck with dark, stinging tendrils that come out of the ground and change the target's attribute to Darkus for five minutes. Can be used to control the afflicted target's mind, but this effect is very tiring for Hydranoid, and can be negated to an extent with sheer will power.

Sacred AbilityEdit

My Rightful Power - Sucks the opponent dry of almost all energy, then releases it back at them at twice the power. More energy is drained from Darkus, and less is drained from Haos.

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