CrimsonPearl Vispreus
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus
Power N/A
Variations Vispreus
Brawler Jack Rhodes (current)

Vispreus is a special Crimson and Pearl Bakugan of the Pyrus Attribute and the Guardian Bakugan of Jack Rhodes.


An accomplished battler, Vispreus is very strong and swift. In his full form, Vispreus appears to be a rather elegant, humanoid creature, with striking wings and an intimidating appearance. When he flies at top speeds, he usually leaves a sparkling dust that is red and white outlined with a line green color.


Due to being successful in battle, Vispreus has developed a sort of ego, and is very arrogant. He is known to be calm and patient at times, but can easily lose his cool when angered. Vispreus also believes that he is more dominant than others. However, when he sees someone worthy of his praise in which they either defeat him or prove to be a worthy ally, he almost immediately acknowledges them as a superior and even a friend, showing that he has his own definition of honor.


In the special Bakugan Heroes: Dark Destiny holiday-themed one-shot, Vispreus and his Brawler, Jack, team up with the latter's old friend Ben Renzo and his Bakugan, Bolt Gigasaur, in order to take back the Bakugan of several teenagers that a group of thieves stole. After succeeding in doing so, Vispreus and Gigasaur engage in a brawl, with the latter and his Brawler winning.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ability CardsEdit


  • The fact that he is a Crimson and Pearl Bakugan (red and white) is supposed to show that he is a holiday-themed Bakugan (more related to Christmas). His green eyes show more proof of this, as red, white, and green are the colors often associated with Christmas and the holidays.


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