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Attribute Aquos
Variations Vaporoid
Brawler Marina
First Appearance R-Evolutions Episode 5 - Opposition

Vaporoid is an Aquos Bakugan and the Guardian Bakugan of Marina in Bakugan R-Evolutions.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Vaporoid is a merman-like Bakugan covered in stylized armor with two giant claws.

Bakugan R-EvolutionsEdit

Ability CardsEdit

  • Jabbing Claw - Vaporoid's claws glow blue and he goes to jab at the opponent.
  • Water Wall - Vaporoid slams his claw on the ground, causing a pillar of water to rise up and block any attacks.
  • Torrential Turmoil - Vaporoid glows blue as several strong blasts of water swirl around Vaporoid's body and fly towards the opponent.
  • Laser Nails - Vaporoid fires blue lasers from the nails of his claws at the opponent.
  • Nail Rockets - Vaporoid fires off nails from his claws at the opponent.
  • Draining Tentacles - Vaporoid produces tentacles made out of water that wrap around the opponent's body and hold them into place.
  • Slashing Montage - Vaporoid continuously slashes at the opponent with his claws.
  • Hydro Monsoon - Vaporoid fires two blasts of water from his palms at the opponent.
  • Ocean's Blue - Vaporoid gains an intense blue aura and charges a dense, blue blast, firing it at the opponent.

Advanced Ability CardsEdit

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