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Attribute(s) Darkus Darkus
Partner Ray
First Appearance  ???



Is a vampire like bakugan that has a black cape with a purple inside. He has two fangs with a purple touch on them. He can glide, but not fly.


  • Wingition- Vamprior protects himself with his cape-like wings
  • Black Covering- Vamprior's wings extend, trapping his opponent and him in a black zone
  • Blood Blast- Vamprior fires red blast from his palms
  • Dark Sucker- Vamprior bites his opponent, taking their energy until the blood's completely gone
  • Energy Sucker- Vamprior drains energy from his opponent
  • Direct Sucker- Vamprior disappears and appears behind the opponent, to drain energy

Ultimate Ability:Edit

Tag Abilities:Edit

  • Foxbat Change- Vamprior and Vamolf turn into foxbats
  • Batrash- Vamprior and Vamolf charge into the opponents

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