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Attribute Pyrus
Variations Valkyrie
Brawler Nexus (Former)
Luke Truman
First Appearance R-Evolutions Prologue, Part 1

Valkyrie is a Pyrus Bakugan and the Guardian Bakugan of Nexus in Wolf's Story Part 2; and Luke Truman in Bakugan R-Evolutions. He was also the former Guardian Bakugan of Nexus in R-Evolutions.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Valkyrie resembles a mix of Helix Dragonoid and Neo Ziperator. Valkyrie has a chest gem that resembles Drago's Perfect Core gem that is centered on a giant V-shaped crest on Valkyrie's torso. Valkyrie also has a V-shaped crest covering his face that makes it seem like he's wearing a mask.

Wolf's Story Part 2Edit

Bakugan R-EvolutionsEdit

Ability CardsEdit

  • Dual Barnum - Valkyrie charges two fire blasts in his hands, then fires them at the opponent.
  • Intensity Punch - Valkyrie's fist heats up as Valkyrie goes to punch the opponent.
  • Fire Barrier - A barrier of flames rise to protect Valkyrie.
  • Fusion Fire Blast - Valkyrie charges two fire blasts in his hands, then combines them and fires the combined blast.
  • Valkyrie Hummer - Valkyrie's wings retract and Valkyrie glows red, becoming much faster and agile.
  • Power Knockout - Valkyrie drains the opponent's power when they're touching.
  • Pyro Reflector - Valkyrie creates a red screen surrounding his body.
  • Fuego Embargo - Valkyrie unleashes a heat wave that destroys all nearby mechanical objects.
  • Cinder Sphere - Valkyrie creates a fireball and throws it at the opponent.
  • Power Surplus - Valkyrie glows with a blue aura that disperses any after-effects and completely heals Valkyrie.
  • Flame Grenades - Valkyrie throws tiny grenade-sized fireballs at the opponent.
  • Blinding Light - Valkyrie shines brightly with a white aura that blinds everyone's eyes.
  • Pillar of Fire - Valkyrie envelops himself with light and launches a pillar of fire into the sky. The pillar then crashes down from the sky and hits the opponent.
  • Jet Turbo - Valkyrie encases himself in red flames and shoots at the opponent.
  • Hyperion Sword - Valkyrie claps his hands together, then pulls them apart as the fire in between his hands forms into a sword.

Advanced Ability CardsEdit

  • Violent Intensity Punch (Raging Intensity Punch) - An upgraded version of Intensity Punch.

Divine Ability CardsEdit

  • Divine Bombardment - Valkyrie gains an intense rainbow aura, charges a rainbow blast in his chest gem, then fires it at the opponent.


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