Valentin Kazami (Bakugan Zombies)
Age 19
Gender Male
Planet of Origin Earth
Race Undead Human
Occupation Brawler
Leader of the New Battle Brawlers (formerly)
Main Attribute Darkus Darkus
Guardian Bakugan Darkus Astral Leonidas
Family N/A
First Appearance N/A
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Valentin Kazami of the Bakugan Zombies alternate universe was once the leader of the New Battle Brawlers, just like his main reality counterpart. However, he fell victim to a virus that turned both humans and Bakugan into undead, thus becoming a zombie.



This Valentin is assumed to have once had the same personality as the main universe's Valentin. However, after being turned into a zombie, his personality dramatically changes into a sadistic and cruel one. He also has no concern over eating other humans, as he has already demonstrated this and mentions making the decision to eat his own family and girlfriend once he finds them.


Valentin's history is presumed to have taken the same course as his main reality counterpart's history, and even has the same Guardian Bakugan - Darkus Astral Leonidas. However, he and the current Battle Brawlers roster - Dan Kuso, Shun Kazami, and Marucho Marukura - arrive at the scene of a zombified Koji Beetle and his equally undead Bakugan - Subterra Luxtor and Glotronoid - feed on living humans and Bakugan. Leonidas attempts to attack the zombies, only to get bitten. Valentin, being with Leonidas like always, is bitten by Koji as a result. After turning into a full-fledged zombie, he and the now-undead Dan and Marucho surround Shun.

Moments later, after zombifying Shun and Jaakor, the Battle Brawlers and Valentin team up with Koji, and begin to feed on helpless living humans and Bakugan. The zombies are then attacked by a small force of Brawlers, only to defeat and devour them instead.

After that meal, Valentin and the Brawlers witness Cyrus Osono flying down on his Pyrus Testor Dragonoid in hopes of ridding them of the zombie contagion once and for all. A battle ensues, leaving both Cyrus Testor to be cornered by zombies of their respective races. Cyrus is far from helpless, as he uses the kitchen knives found in a nearby restaurant in an attempt to defeat the zombies. Valentin then mocks Cyrus, and says that he will devour Angelica, the former's girlfriend (much like in the main reality) and the latter's younger sister (also like in the main reality as well). Cyrus becomes angry, and dislocates Valentin's bottom jaw, only for the undead Brawler to later bite Cyrus' right arm. After Cyrus cuts off his bitten arm and is transported away by Testor, Valentin and the other undead humans watch in annoyance as their Bakugan feed on Testor.




Bakugan ZombiesEdit

Bakugan Zombies
Opponent Outcome
Zombie Koji Beetle Loss, Infected
Group of Brawlers Win
Cyrus Osono Draw



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