Meanwhile, while Wolfgang and Volf work on the Crystalic bakugans, brawls have started...

Val) Ability Activate! Raptor Twist! ( Raptoroid jumps and spins with his four legs above ground )

Wolfgirl) Ability Activate! Gingery! ( Gingergon bites the opponent )

( Ginger bites Raptoroid's leg )

( Raptoroid's three other legs come around and club Ginger, but also breaks a leg )

( Ginger moves away with one of Raptoroid's legs )

Raptoroid) MY ROBO-LEG!

( Raptoroid sits on the ground )

Wolfgirl) Ability Activate! Gingering Smash! ( Gingergon charges towards the opponent, jumps into the air, and smashes )

( Ginger charges )

Val) No...Not that ability...

( Ginger gets closer )

Val) Useless...

( Ginger jumps into the air )

Val) That's it! Ultimate Ability Activate! Predator's Kill! ( Raptoroid releases a beam )

( Ginger gets caught in the beam and crashes into a barrier wall )

( Ginger turns to her ball form )

Raptoroid) MY LEG!

Val) We'll have to replace it...

Raptoroid) D;

10 minutes later...

Taylean2002) Ability Activate! Ninja Stealth! ( Nyanja hides for a sneak attack )

DG) Ability Activate! Darkened Hide! ( Darkened Dragonoid hides in the darkness )

( Leaves fall from the forest )

Nyanja) *Comes out of hiding* Where did he go!

Taylean2002) Nyan...We covered this awhile ago, you hide and stay hidden...NOW HIDE!

Darkened Dragonoid) TOO LATE!

( Darkened Dragonoid charges towards Nyanja )

Nyanja) He's coming from...*Points to an angle* THIS SIDE!

Taylean2002) Ability Activate! Foe Kick! ( Nyanja kicks, sending a gust towards the opponent )

( The gust crashes into a tree, spreading all the leaves apart )

Darkened Dragonoid) Wrong answer...

( Darkened Dragonoid clips Nyanja with his wing's blade )

( Nyanja flips and turns to his ball form )

10 more minutes later...

Nuza) Like old times, eh?

Red) Yep

Nuza & Red) Lets make our sons proud...

Red) ...

Nuza) XD

Red) Ability Activate! Surging Wave! ( Surge Hydros creates a powerful wave that grows as it moves on )

Nuza) Ability Activate! Cross Chop! ( Ovorier chops with his arm blades, cutting an opponent )

( Ovorier cuts the wave and charges towards Hydros )

Red) Double Ability Activate! Waters' Recline! ( Surge Hydros pulls water back into his direction ) & Waters' Grapple! ( Waters grab the opponent )

Ovorier) Oh no, no, no! *Jumps into the air*

( Ovorier twirls with her blades' size increasing )

( Water catches up and holds Ovorier, back facing Hydros )

Red) Ability Activate! Surge Cannon! ( Surge Hydros gathers moisture and fires it against an opponent as a beam )

( Ovorier tries to break free )

Surge Hydros) ¡Hasta la vista!


( Water crashes into Ovorier )

( Ovorier flies over the barrier wall and holds onto the top )



( Ovorier pulls himself up and stands on the edge )




( Ovorier falls, crashing into the ground )


( Ovorier quickly gets back up and climbs )


( Ovorier hops up the wall and is close to the top )


( Ovorier hops )

1-( Ovorier enters the barrier)-SAFE!

( Ovorier glides down with his blades out )


( Ovorier cuts through water balls )


( Ovorier cuts though a huge water ball )

Surge Hydros) O_O *Moves*


( Ovorier crashes onto Hydros )

( Hydros turns to his ball form )

Master 24 vs. Littleseed, Poshi vs. C22Helios, and Pink vs. DQ! Episode 13

Grade of Valentin 98 vs. Wolfgirl12390, Taylean vs. DG, and Nuza vs. Red! Episode 12?

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Who won really Nuza vs. Red?

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