In 200---never the next generation of Pokémon will be released.

Pokémon Anima

Yes, it is actually a standalone game and there are no two versions. What about version exclusives? Perhaps they are based off if your trainer ID is odd or even. It's for the NX.

The mascot is Telos, a golem looking warrior that has roots on its back, its body has energy coursing through it. It is Fighting/Grass. There is an evil counterpart to this mascot, Typhodius. Typhodius is a Dark/Fire Type who represents dark energy, just plain evil.

Your starters are....

  • The Grass Starter: A grass horse, evolves into a Trojan Horse at the final stage with Grass/Steel
  • The Fire Starter: An ox/bull like Pokémon, evolves into a minotaur with the Fire/Ground typing. Unfortunately the final evo is bipedal but the minotaur stands almost like a gorilla
  • The Water Starter: A dolphin, that is a bit different huh? It evolves into a cooler looking dolphin with the Water/Psychic typing.

You choose your player character, Klaus/Alice what a interesting choice for names huh

Your rival who you knew since childhood, Elias has the starter stronger against yours. You eventually meet the female rival who has the starter weaker against yours, Mona. Mona may be evil!

The professor of the region if Professor Cypress, a scholar who studies the history of the Pokémon world.

The region is called Skaphos, it is a medieval like region, not inspired by anything really (but some elements of UK are included) the region is a bit far from the others and there isn't much advanced technology as other regions.

You will take on the Trials of Skaphos, basically the Island Trials 2.0 but includes a battle against the Trial Captain and longer puzzles/trials. You may also encounter a "Boss Pokémon" (aka totem pokemon) or a bunch of "Corrupted Pokemon" which is the exact same as the Boss Pokemon but with a dark aura.

You discover an evil cult called The Omniscient, I guess they are supposed to be the PokeIlluminati but they aren't really. The leader Magnus just wants to rule the world (or maybe he was just corrupted by the evil legendary...!)

A strange phenomenon is happening in the region - Corrupted Pokemon! These Pokemon are mindless beasts who were corrupted by a dark energy. Are they connected to the Omniscient?

Anyways, what is the pokedex now? Well, you get AN IPAD! It seems quite weird for this technology in this region but the professor got some from Sinnoh so he gives it to you. The PokePad features useless apps but the main feature is the siri ripoff which is a female RotomDex.


  • A bigger and cooler region, it feels more open world.
  • The Underground returns, it is expanded on and much better. Most of the stuff remains from DP but it was expanded
  • DUNGEONS! Random generated dungeons that you can explore with a friend. You may find powerups (O-Powers). Your pokemon are set to level 50 and the wild pokemon may be lower level or higher. At the end is a totem pokemon to battle.
  • THOSE SIMULATOR THINGS (farmville) BUT WITH SHIPS. Yes, a ship simulator that actually works where you can send out ships to get rare goods.
  • POKEALTHON 2.0, but more expanded on and called "Pokemon Games" and is the "Contest" of the region
  • Farming & Mixtures: You can farm for berries more easily and farm new items to create Mixtures that could give evs or level up your team or give stat buffs in battle.
  • THE UTOPIA: PokePelago & Festival Plaza combined and all the stupid sh*t removed like version exclusives. It is much better and is inspired by the kingdom thing from FE Fates and that villa from Pokemon Platinum. You also have a female butler that certainly doesn't look like someone...
  • TRAINERVERSE: THE PSS is back and f*ck you game freak for making online much worse in Sun and Moon. The online is MUCH BETTER and the interface is better.
  • NEW Z-MOVES AND MEGAS, no regional forms, sorry.
  • NEW UBS and an expanded story on them

This is gonna be cool!

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