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I've decided not to write a huge lump of words but instead do well you'll see so yeah, BETTER THAN BEING LAZY TO WRITE EPISODES.

The EpisodeEdit

Coming... probably tommrowo.

Zero: So... looks like we're facing a new evil.

Shinobi: The fact that they have Brawlers make me worry, will be able to defeat them? Is there even any member stronger than Drayze?

Mary: I've tried searching information, and here is some results, we got only Damon and Drayze, and these other 4 people are unknown as of now.

Akie: NO! I Won't let them! (runs out)

Lloyd: Where are you going?

Mayrus: I'll go after Akie, you guys can talk more about this.

Zero: Alright, be careful, you don't know if the members of Maxus are still lurking Bakugan City.

Mayrus: Okay, I'll keep an eye out.

Akie: (running) I got to stop Maxus from taking over Bakugan City!

?: Hmm I see.

Akie: What?

?: Hehe, my name is Hawk, the brawler who is about to crush you.

Akie: uh oh, you must be a part of.

Hawk: Thats right, Maxus. NOW TO DESTROY YOU!



Akie: ABILITY ACTIVATE! Light Barrier!

Hawk: Haha, you got to be joking, I WILL UNLEASH THE POWER! GRAPPLEROK ATTACK!

Grapplerok: (smashes into Akisune)

Akie: Oh man.. this isn't good.. we're doomed

Akisune: I know... but it looks like this series has come to an end.

Akie: I guess it has.

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