Bakugan: Universal Quest is the fanmade 5th season LIES of Bakugan: Battle Brawlers. It is based on the original story but with a whole new line of characters and story.


Its been years since the battle against Mechtavius Destroyer and the defeat of all evil, the Mechtogan Crisis has caused the bonds between Bakugan and Humans to grow even bigger then before. A mysterious Dragonoid Bakugan has landed and met a newcomer Brawler named Zero Kuraino, Zero and his new partner have experienced the legendary Dan Kusos battle against the wicked Mechtavius Destroyer. Zero wants to become and reach Dan's achievements, but meets friends and new evil along the way. Zero will learn many secrets about the revolution of the origin of Bakugan and a mysterious ultimate one, Zero and his friends must defeat this new evil and finish their Universal Quest!


  • Zero Surai: The new main protagonist of the Universal Quest series, he bears some traits to Dan Kuso from the Battle Brawlers anime franchise, he is aiming to be the best.

Bakugan: Pyrus Searing Dragonoid Pyrus

  • Mary Enkai: A female protagonist of the Universal Quest series, she is smart like Marucho and dreams on becoming a scientist.

Bakugan: Aquos Apophis Aquos

  • Shinobi Kossori: Another male protagonist of the Universal Quest series, he is a ninja of stealth and is very similar to Shun Kazami.

Bakugan: Ventus Zephyros Ventus

  • Akie Shinto: A newbie to Bakugan, he isn't quite strong yet but is working on his skills, to be the best like Zero!

Bakugan: Haos Akisune Haos

  • Mayrus Ishio: A Subterra brawler in the series, he is quite strong and loves strong opponents.

Bakugan: Subterra Magmus Subterra

  • Lloyd: Zero's greatest rival, he is the last member of Zero's team. He appears to know some mysterious secret.

Bakugan: Darkus Darteon Darkus

  • Zaros: A new main character and supporting member of Zero's team, he has a main role in Arc 2.

Bakugan: Pyrus Draceron Pyrus


  • Hades: The ultimate ruler and owner of the chaotic Bakugan - Phantamus.

Bakugan: Darkus Phantamus Darkus

  • Drayze: The son of Hades, he owns Destroy Munikis. He is also a member of the Maxus organization.

Bakugan: Darkus Destroy Munikis Darkus

  • Dread: A mysterious man with dark powers who seeks on ruling the Bakugan universe.

Bakugan: Darkus Nex

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Blaze
  • Lexus
  • Den
  • Sho

Phantom Inc BrawlersEdit

  • Dr. Zagon
  • Rai
  • Sabrina
  • Cray
  • Eyan
  • Blaze, Lexus, Den (Former)

Maxus BrawlersEdit

  • Maxon
  • Damon
  • Jet
  • Hawk
  • Kel
  • Yamato


17. Battle League 18.

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