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Akumu Umbra
Akumu Phosphos new
Debut Neathia's Demise 1 - Rebellion
Used By Ace Phantom
Gender Female
G-Power 1000
Attribute Darkus/Aquos
Weaponry Unknown
Main Adversaries {{{adversaries}}}
Main Allies Rager , Draco
Close Relationships {{{close}}}
Title Shadow of the Sea
Status Deceased


Umbra's wings and superior underwater skills allows her not only to dominate the sea, but also the sky. Her wings can retract into her back, allowing her to swim easier. However, her wings still allow her to swim faster than most beings.

Her claws are filled with venom, making even the slightest scratch deadly. Only three heads are visible; seven more are hidden. They are barely ever revealed.

Umbra's wings are able to send black lightning raining down on foes. This is very usefull for Umbra, as she can lure someone into the water and fly upwards suddenly, then electrocute her opponent. She can also make orbs of darkness freely, which are highly explosive on impact.


Umbra is a calm, smart Bakugan. Like Ace, she prefers using cunning to defeat her opponent, and loves setting up traps.

She is respected as a leader among Ace's Bakugan. Umbra is also not easily distracted.


Ability CardsEdit

  • Dark Whirpool: Transfers 350 Gs from the enemy to Umbra.
  • Shadow Claw: Subtracts 250 Gs from the enemy.
  • Early Nightfall: Subtracts 200 Gs from the enemy and reflects an ability.
  • Swift Swim: Skips the enemy's turn and doubles Umbra's Ability effects.
  • Black Tsunami: Adds 400 Gs to Umbra. Also adds 200 Gs to any other Aquos Bakugan.
  • End Gate: Destroys an enemy gate.

Fusion Ability CardsEdit

  • Truly Infinite: Half the Gs from all Bakugan are taken and put aside. All players flip a coin. Whoever gets tails loses 350 GS for their Bakugan, and whoever gets heads gets the Gs taken earlier. This ability cannot be countered in any way, except by Bakugan who had less than 1000 Gs before this Ability was activated.
  • Death From Above: All abilities against Umbra in the next 3 turns are halved, and the opponent can only use one ability per turn for those 3 turns. Plus everyone except Umbra loses 300 Gs.
  • Fire & Shadow: Transfer 400 Gs from Pyrus Bakugan to Umbra. If Umbra had less than 1000 Gs before this ability was activated, prevent an opponent from doing anything for two of their turns.

Ultimate Ability CardsEdit

  • Everlasting Darkness: All Bakugan except Umbra are shrouded in darkness, and are unable to move until Umbra activates 2 abilities. The user of this ability chooses 2 Bakugan, and they have their G powered switched. If there are only 2 Bakugan in the field including Umbra, then half the opponent's Gs are taken and given to Umbra.


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