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Vulcanis Turbine

Turbine Human Form

Debut IV
Used By Aerin Gale
Gender Male
G-Power 1,000 G
Attribute Pyrus Pyrus

Subterra Subterra

Title N/A
Status Alive
Weaponry Molten Blaze Cannons
Close Relationships N/A
Main Adversaries N/A
Main Allies N/A

Turbine is a Pyrus and Subterra Vulcanis Dragonoid used by Aerin Gale.


Albeit bulky in appearance, the cannons are capable of folding back so Turbine can grasp things with ease. The thick shoulder plates are durable enough to withstand the strongest attacks, while the steel mouth is strong enough to penetrate most armor. However, using the cannons would drain a majority of his energy, therefore he only relies on them in dire situations.


A loner at most, Turbine prefers to watch from the sidelines and would rather only converse with few. However, with the few he does talk to, he has a rather funny personality and takes sarcasm rather seriously.

In battle, he makes rather snide remarks and tries to make the opponent mess up before he attacks, insuring the opponent's defenseless. He would then begin a relentless assault, barely leaving time for the opponent to counter.


To be filled.


  • Pyre Smashdown - Using the cannons after they've hardened, Turbine starts smashing the opponents. Every time Turbine loses G-Power, the opponent loses twice the amount.
  • Atlas Chains - Two volcanic chains bound the opponent by the arms, disabling them of abilities.
  • Molten Obsidian - The opponent is encased in fiery obsidian.

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