Trollista Clicker is a online game about Trollista, OUR GOD. Anyways, THIS IS TEH GAME. Available on Android and Apple platforms soon.


There is no story.



The main goal is to sell many "Trollista Figures" to get Zie rich, keep clicking and eventually you can buy landmarks and upgrades.

NOTE: The more landmarks you buy, the higher they increase.

Stuff you can earnEdit


  • Trollistas Finger: The finger of the God's, automatically clicks once every 10 seconds. (Cost: 15 Figures)
  • Jerry's Grandma: The grandma of the dark gods, she like, so demonic. You get 5 figures per 5 secs. (Cost: 100 Figures)
  • Nintendocan's Soup Farm: Free soup they said, farm figures from figure seeds. You get 10 figures each 8 seconds. (Cost: 300 Figures)
  • Icefern's Ice Cream Factory: Freezes all humans unless the person buys 20 figures, MWAHAHAHAHA!!! (Cost: 880 Figures)
  • Leonidas' Lemonade Stand: Nobody likes your lemons Leo! YOU MUST DIE! At least you get 40 Figures per second though. (Cost: 1234 Figures)
  • Wolf's Wagon: Shipper me figures! A pirate will go into your house and command you to buy 100 figures! (Cost: 2000 Figures)
  • C22's Cookies: Donut Steel. Or else I will have your family sonic ranboomed, SO PLEASE BUYETH 520 FIGURES OR ELSE YOU DAI. (Cost: 40,000 Figures)
  • Darkness Pizzas' Identity Igloo: You find out that Batman is literally Batman, and he lives in a igloo, to open the door you must buy 876 Figures. (Cost: 75,000 Figures)
  • Komodokor Carriage: Carries you to the Figure World, You probably want to go but people need to buy 1500 figures, sucks to be them. (120,000 Figures)
  • The Power Of Jerry: Only unlocked if you are the figure king, now the grandmas power is weakened. (Cost: 666,666 Figures)
  • Kyuubi Pyro-Portal Of Wolfness: The most greatest portal ever. Turns all humans into Trollista figures, TROLLISTA MASTER RACE. Makes everyone buy 6,666 figures btw. (Cost: 1,111,111 Figures)
  • Golden Trollista Hyper Omega Ultimate Super Alpha Time Machine That Has A Long Name That Drags Hates But Can Take Over The Trollistaverse: Turns earth into a trollista figure and gives you over 123,456 figures per second.
  • Ultimate Ultimator Of Ultimateness: Destroys the whole game, buying this makes you the God of the Trollista Figureverse. (Cost: 9,999,999,999,999,999 [9 Trillion] Figures)



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