Age Unknown (he's a bkaugan)
Gender Male
Planet of Origin TBA
Race Bakugan..?
Occupation Brother
The Troll
Main Attribute Aquos Aquos
Family Mommalista
Drags (friend)
First Appearance Episode 1: Unintelligent Invasion

Trollista (a.k.a Balista Venashalloger Lista) is an famous (or atleast on here) meme or character made by Zie, it first was created near October 2011, Zie made a joke involving Balista hiding behind waves (it later was actually Volkaos) Trollista or Balista in the BAKUGAN series is considered the ultimate troll, as a Bakugan that is.



Trollista was mentioned after episode 29 of Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge aired, Zie mentioned a joke involving Balista and refered him as "Trollista", thus, the legend started, but later died after.


Trollista revived once Zie came back to Pyruslords wiki and put his work onto there, he later made the BAKUGAN series, which became a huge hit, and also remembered about Trollista and Balista, so he decided to bring him back, thus, he became popular once again, he got his own blog too, and is constantly used in chat, he also became friends with an invisible friend named Jerry


Balista/Trollista is a complete troll, but he is nice sometimes, and is very smart too, he loves to joke around and likes to say long names, which Drags hates, and will always solve problems.


Trollista technically doesn't have attacks, but he does in a way, and he can use them in Ball Form for some weird reason.

  • Acid Bubble
  • Superlista Ninja Strike


  • Trollista's middle name has no origin, and nobody will ever know, atleast for now.
  • Trollista is friends with Trollestia (Troll version of Princess Celestia)

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