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The morning of the tournament is about to start and Kyleronco has yet to give PG her award...

( Jenna starts to cry )

Samantha) It's alright...

( Samantha slowly moves her arms back and forth )

( Jenna stops )

Wolfgang) ...

Samantha) What?

Wolfgang) That was quick...

Samantha) Yeah...

Wolfgang) I thought it would take longer...

Samantha) Me too, I guess my mom knows best...

Wolfgang) She probably does...How is she?

Samantha) She's fine...I think she's probably buying more things T.T

Wolfgang) O_O

Samantha) Yeah...We're going to have a spoiled child to deal with...

Wolfgang) Well...You've been dealing with a spoiled husband, so...We'll be fine...

Samantha) Okay, Mr. Attention...

Wolfgang) ...Anyways...I kind-of have a problem with the tournament being near here...

Samantha) Yeah, how does Jenna get sleep if she hears a bang...She can't...

Wolfgang) But that's why I've made sure of a sound proof barrier...I'll just have to make sure the crowd isn't too loud...

[ Meanwhile, a few miles from outside the house ]

Kyleronco) Okay...Place that one there...PG, that one's good...

( PG lets go of the piece of technology )

Airzel) Okay...This looks right...

( Airzel lets go of the second piece of technology )

( Pyro and Kyuubi also put down a piece of technology )

( Kyleronco drops a small square in the middle of the rectangle )

Kyleronco) Oh...PG..Here you go...

( Kyleronco walks over and hands PG the pin, but the pin falls to the ground )

PG) ...

( PG bends down and picks the pin up )

PG) Thanks...*In head* Oh boy, I'm so going to beat him now.

Kyleronco) Okay...Everyone back up!

( Kyleronco pulls a remote out, while PG, Airzel, Pyro, Kyuubi, and him back up )

( Kyleronco presses the upper button, the technology turns on, and a clear force field is made )

Airzel) And nothing happens.

Kyleronco) No, it did...

5 minutes later, Wolfgang is outside watching the brawl...

( May and Garren stand high up on chucks of land, while Dolloid hides in the water and Teleterra stands in it )

Teleterra HD) Why a watery field

Garren) It was a random pick

Teleterra HD) I wish we had a grassy field, it would make an easy win...


( Dolloid attacks Teleterra's foot )

Teleterra HD) HEY!

( Teleterra HD stomps on the muddy sand )

( Dolloid jumps above the water )

Dolloid) HAHA!

( Dolloid lands back into the water )

( Teleterra HD tries to move his foot )

Teleterra HD) I'M STUCK!

Garren) Okay, except we don't need to move...

May) Ability Activate! Bubble Smash! ( Dolloid gets into a bubble and charges into her opponent )

( Dolloid charges into Teleterra's foot )


Garren) Really?


Garren) Well, then you have at least one move...Ability Activate! HD Quality! ( Teleterra HD uses his HD TV to fire a beam of energy )

( Teleterra's TV comes out of his chest, charged and ready )

( A huge square-like beam comes from the TV )

( Dolloid flies out of the water as the water moves towards the sides and back roughly )

May) Dolloid!

Dolloid) TV!

( Dolloid moves away from the beam with a damaged flipper )

( The beam slowly moves to Dolloid )

( Dolloid gets to the side of Teleterra )

Teleterra HD) Used... too... much... energy...

( The beam stops )

( Dolloid goes to enter the TV, but Teleterra punches Dolloid )

( Dolloid turns to her ball form )

Garren) O_O

Teleterra HD) YES!

( Teleterra tries to walk, but trips )

( Teleterra sinks in the sand )

Garren) ...,_Masters%27_Opponent!_Episode_3

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