Aslihian) Ability Activate! Flashing Burn! ( Flash Helios charges into his opponent )

Taylean2002) Typhoon! Jump!

Typhoon) Yes sir! ( Jumps into the air )

( Flash Helios crashes into a boulder )

Aslihian) Ow!

Taylean2002) Ability Activate! Perturned Winds! ( Typhoon releases winds out of his two palm plates, at his opponent )

( The winds crush the boulder, putting Flash Helios though it )

Flash Helios) Pretty flying rocks!

Taylean2002) Ability Activate! Typhoon Crusher! ( Typhoon does a front flip and slams his tail onto his opponent )

Flash Helios) Hu!

( Flash Helios rolls out of the way and Typhoon's tail crashes into the ground )

Flash Helios) GET UP! DONUT MAN! GET UP!

( Typhoon tries to get up, but he can't )


Taylean2002) NO!

Aslihian) Ability Activate! Donutted! ( Flash Helios fires a blast of fire, that looks like a donut )

( Flash Helios filles the blast with rocks, from his mouth )


( Typhoon goes to ball form )

Aslihian) We did it! Good job, Flash Helios!

Flash Helios) Anything for my Miss.Lady friend!

( Meanwhile, in the house )

Serenity) What's this... how did a note get here.

( Serenity picks the note up )

Dear Serenity,

I miss you a lot. I'm glad that your okay, after what happened earlier. If you're going to write back, you can't... I'm in a world for spirits. Serenity, I love you and tell Wolfgang, that he's doing a good job. Oh and keep an idea on Wolfie... She ate Wolfgang's lunch after he gave it to her.

P.S. Don't hug the pole... I'm not a pole.

From Wolf

Serenity) So that's where his lunch went... How did Wolf even write that...

( Looks at a paper )

Serenity) Wait a minute... THAT'S WOLF'S HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA!

( Reads the paper )

Serenity) So... Wolf's name was Connor...

( Meanwhile, in the Evil Tournament )

KellynKaz) Ability Activate! Pony Dance! ( Ponife dances and confuses her opponent )

DarkNovaX) Ability Activate! Darken Blazed Kick! ( Beroick kicks his opponent with dark fire )

( Ponife ducks )

KellynKaz) Ability Activate! Darken Light! ( Ponife fires a blast of haos energy from her horn )

( Beroick is sent flying into the sky )

DarkNovaX) Ability Activate! Dark Spin Kick! ( Beroick spin kicks his opponent, with dark flames on his leg )

( The blast becomes too much for Beroick, but Ponife gets kicked in the face )


( Beroick and Ponife turn to their ball forms, causing a draw and Evil Wolf to have an extra bye from battling )

Blueking4ever) NEXT! Scar-RedNovaDragon vs. Farbas!

PG vs. PM82, Scar-RedNovaDragon vs. Farbas! Ep. 27

What's your grade?

The poll was created at 03:06 on September 18, 2011, and so far 4 people voted.

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