Aye, Tommi here! Keep your dreams ahead of you!

Nickname(s) Tom
Gender Male
Role Hero
Team Team Animal Spirit
Partner(s) Lon-Lon, Panda, Talonscar
Ability(-ies) Enhanced clairvoyance
Weapon(s) Martial arts

Tommi is a warrior in Figure 10: Digital Rev. As he is in the Real World Troops, his team is Team Animal Spirit with his partners being Panda, Talonscar, and his brother Lon-Lon.



Tommi was found in an American rainforest in what seemed to be a blanket made of leaves where Lon-Lon's parents discovered him and took him in as their own son. He grew up somewhat of a regular life and got to live the life of a human boy but also took on the traits of a wild child and even feral ones. His life completely changed on A-Day.


Tommi has luminous blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His casual attire of matching grey, white and black pants and shirt&jacket. In his battle attire, he wears a blue Chinese styled shirt with white pants and black shoes. His pants have blue trims and red strings. He also wears a red belt along with brown gloves with red ribbon-like strings on them.


Tommi appears to be very calm and soft-spoken for his young age most of the time and seems very respectful and polite to his elders. Like many of the other fighters he is devoted to his art and wants to improve at every waking moment, even going as far as asking his opponents to fight at their full potential.Unlike the other confident fighters in the series, Tommi also, like most teenagers, seems to be very self-conscious and insecure, especially about his abilities.


Aside from his honed skills, Tommi was born with enhanced clairvoyance meaning his senses are extremely above average.


  • He wears Chinese attire despite being American.
  • He is the only human member of the team.

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