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Thornage is a Hero!
Nickname(s) "Gemini Thorn"
Gender Male
Race Amonan
Affiliation Hero
Style Offensive
Fighting Style Swordplay
Weapon(s) Vine Sword
Abilities Light Absorption
Carbon Absorption
Poison Generation
Special Abilities {{{spabilities}}}
Strongest Special {{{strspability}}}


He is Vinily's "Gemini Thorn," who only exists to aid Rosario to defend her. Thornage resembles Rosario's look with a light green body covered with leaves and green vines, but he does not have a rose on either of his shoulders. Instead, his body is covered in thorns with his two largest thorns on his shoulders. Thornage is a miniature warrior, standing only 4 feet tall. Black spots are located on his back to aid him in synthesizing.

Description of Armor:Edit

Description of Weapon:Edit

Vine Sword - A sword created by Vinily for him to use in battle. The sword consists of two gold brown vines spiraling around each other until both vines end as a sharp point.


When Vinily was in need of protection, he was created by her.



  • Light Absorption
  • Carbon Absorption
  • Poison Generation


Special Abilities:Edit

Strongest Special Ability:Edit


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