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Wolf has been locked up, into a cell and hasn't seen his family at all.

Wolf) How great is this... I'm in a cage!

( Throws a ball at a wall and it bouces back )


( catches ball and throws it back up )

Wolf) Still bored!

( Catches ball )

( Redakaibakulover is walking past the cell )

Wolf) Ready, aim... fire ( Throws the ball and it hits Redakaibakulover in a horrible place )

Redakaibakulover) AWW! That hurt!

Wolf) It did! I mean... OUCH! I... I'm sorry, I couldn't help it!

Redakaibakulover) Who gave Wolf a ball!

Wolf) DinoQueen did =P

Redakaibakulover) Well... You're coming with me! ( Unlocks Wolf's cage and carries Wolf to the experimental room )

Blueking4ever) Lock him up to the table...

Redakaibakulover) Wolf! Get on the table!

Wolf) No!

Redakaibakulover) Then we'll kill your mother and your son!

Wolf) Err! Fine! ( Climbs on the table, gets locked up to it, so Wolf can't move, and the table is lifted up to a standing position )

( All of the sudden, Frosting enters with Wolfgang nicely and has Wolfgang sit down on the chair )

Blueking4ever) Okay, now tie his arms to the chair and his legs to the chair also!

Frosting128) Okay ( Ties Wolfgang up to the chair )

Blueking4ever) Good!

Wolfgang) DADDY!

Wolf) Hey, Wolfgang!

( Blueking4ever electrocutes Wolf )

Blueking4ever) Wolfgang, now watch your dad, suffer! Redakaibakulover, slap Wolfgang for me!

( Redakaibakulover slaps Wolfgang )

( Wolfgang starts to cry )

Wolf) Leave him alone!

Blueking4ever) NO!

( Turns on the electrocution and Wolf gets shocked, but Blueking4ever doesn't turn it off )

Wolfgang) DADDY!


Wolfgang) Daddy! ( Redakaibakulover slaps Wolfgang like crazy )

Wolf) AHHHHH! Leave... Him.... Alone!

Blueking4ever) Wolf, you remember when Red turned on you? You remember the explosion! Do you remember, that I was the one who almost killed you?!

Wolf) You're a monster!

Blueking4ever) GOOD! ( Maxs out the electrocution )


( Wolf's eyes turn purple )

Blueking4ever) Come on! Get madder! ( Blueking4ever takes a picture of Wolf, Serenity, and Wolfgang, from Wolfgang's pocket and tears it to pieces ) You're family sucks, you're son is stupid. You're wife is ugly, and you're a <BEEP>!

Wolf) YOU! WILL PAY! ( A purple portal starts to open in front of Wolf's body )

Wolfgang) D... Dad... DADDY!

Wolf) AHH!

Blueking4ever) Good, it's working!


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