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Wolf) I will never join the evil side!

Evil Wolf) If you want to be alive, then you should!

Wolf) No, I learned to not betray my allies and I will never betray them!

Evil Wolf) Okay, WEAKLING!

Wolf) WEAKLING! ( Charges into Evil Wolf )

Evil Wolf) Oh, I"M SCARED... NOT! ( Punches Wolf's gut and lifts him up )

Wolf) What you going to drop me! I know, it isn't going to hurt!

Evil Wolf) You sure! ( Slams Wolf to the ground )

Wolf) Okay, it hurt! ( Evil Wolf gets his head close, but Wolf spits on his face )

Evil Wolf) You son of a... ( Punt Kicks, Wolf's head and Wolf is not moving )

( Evil Wolf sits on the ground )

Evil Wolf) Looks like, someone just got schooled! Now, it's time to DIE!

( Meanwhile in the dome )

Ziperator) Wolfie or should I say Nitro Wolfie, you have my DNA, you have my speed, my wings, and my spinning metal gear on you. ( Starts to fade )

Nitro Wolfie) Wait a minute! I evolve and you DIE!

Ziperator) Sadly, I will die, but first, I revive Wolf! ( Half way, faded )

Nirto Wolfie) Thank you, I will avenge your death, I promise!

Ziperator) Okay, my... my friend ( Disappears )

( Serenity, puts her head down, on her desk )

Serenity ( In Head ): I need Wolf to survive... I kind-of need to tell him, the truth...


Serenity) N... Nn....NO! ( Starts to cry )

( Serenity walk out of the medical room, to tell Jolts, Pyrosmaster, and Kyuubidrago23 the bad news )

Serenity) Wolf's dead ( A tear falls fro mher eye )

Pyrosmaster) It... It can't be...

Jolts) He died =(

Kyuubidrago23) What happens to the howl now!

( Back in the medical room )

Ghost Ziperator) I... failed, I WAS TOO LATE! I promised Wolfie... so I'm going to try!

( Ghost Ziperator goes into Wolf's body )

Ghost Ziperator) D*mn it smells bad in here and I can't smell!

( Goes to Wolf's heart )

Ghost Ziperator) Ugh... I'm not going to like this... I can't beleave, I got to go into his heart to hopefully revive him.

( Goes into Wolf's heart )

Ghost Ziperator) YUCK! Anyways ( Starts to transfer left over energy )

( 10 minutes later )

( Wolf's body turns all white and starts to float )

Serenity) I guess, I should see Wolf's face, one more time D=...

( Opens the door to the Medical Room )

Serenity) Ghost! ( No one hears Serenity )

( Serenity sits on her chair and looks at Wolf's body )

Serenity) D*mn, the light is bright!

( The room flashes and Wolf's body is on the bed )

Serenity) What just happened?

Wolf) I don't know...

Serenity) Wo... Wolf, your alive!

Wolf) Yeah!

( Serenity passes out )

Wolf) Um... Serenity? You okay?

Serenity) ...


Serenity) ...

Wolf) Are you dead?

Serenity)... Yes, I like ponies....

Wolf) Um... You know ( Gets off the medical bed and picks up Serenity ) She seems tired... I guess I'll take her to her room, I don't think she would like me, if I tell her, I ate ponies...

( Wolf leaves the Medical Room, to take Serenity to her bed )

( Meanwhile, on the battlefield )

Crimsonstorm) NO! Ingram!

Thunder Ingram) I'm sorry, they're just too strong...

( Thunder Ingram, turns to ball form and goes into Crimsonstorm's hands )

Redakaibakulover) Thunder Ingram may be legendary, but HE'S EASY TO BEAT!

DarkusAlpha) I know, right!

Kyleronco) Yes sir... Guys, we have to go back to base!

Redakaibakulover) Wait one minute, I need to make sure, they know where to meet us!

Kyleronco) Ugh... Okay!


( The Dome explodes )

Nitro Wolfie) REALLY!

Redakaibakulover) This isn't good

Torrent Hydros) Let me take her out!

Redakaibakulover) Okay, Kyleronco, DarkusAlpha, Tweloid and Mutant Wolfie, please go!

( Kyleronco, DarkusAlpha, Tweloid and Mutant Wolfie teleport to base )

Mutant Wolfie) YOU WILL PAY!

Redakaibakulover) Yeah right! Ability Activate! Hydros Cannon! ( Torrent Hydros fiires a blast out of his mid-section )

( Nitro Wolfie takes the blast )

Mutant Wolfie) That's the best you got! That sucked! Look, I'm not even scratched up a bit!

Redakaibakulover) I think we are screwed!

Torrent Hydros) Yeah right!

( Nitro Wolfie disappears )

Torrent Hydros) See, She's a chicken!

Nitro Wolfie) CHICKEN! I LOVE TO EAT HYDROSES! ( Appears in-front of Torrent Hydros )

Torrent Hydros) AHH! ( turns to ball form and hides in Redakaibakulover's pants )

Nitro Wolfie) Mann, Hydros is a chicken! AWOOOOO!

Redakaibakulover) Wolfie, we'll meet again and I will personally destroy Wolf and you!

Nitro Wolfie) Really! Fear the RAWR!

( Redakaibakulover teleports to base )

Redakaibakulover) Blue, I can explain... but first, can I tell you something

Blueking4ever) Okay... Lets go in my office, A.K.A My throne room!

Episode 26