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With the recent event, could anyone cope with the loss? Could Wolf having the hope of the one gem?

Wolf) That... Beast... Is that what would destroy the world?

Ziperator) Yes...

Wolf) That thing was huge...

Ziperator) Yeah...

Wolf) Time for a little mind communication...

( Wolf, to Ziperator, I have one of the gems )

( Ziperator, to Wolf, Good, you changed some of the future... )

Pyrosmaster) No luck...

Kyuubidrago23) The top is sealed with the golden substance...

Jolts) Samething with the area, we searched...

Nuzamaki90) And get this, I dropped a stick into the gold substance and it turned gold...

Wolf) ...

Thunder Dragonoid) NOOOO!!!!

Wolf) That means... Anyone in here is pure gold!

Nuzamaki90) Gold... Why gold, for evil?

Wolf) I don't know... I know I have things to do now, so I'm getting back to my house... You guys coming?

( Ziperator creates a portal to Wolf's home )

Ziperator) This travel is going to have to take a day though...

Wolf) Okay!

( A day later, Wolfgang is at school, in the auditorium )

Wolfgang) So... I got what I wanted and you're all here. Time is now and you have some explaining! So answer my questions.. why? BECAUSE IT'S AN ORDER!

Students & Teachers) ...

The School Announcement! Episode 43 Part 2/2

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