( A drum roll starts playing... Wolf is waiting to find out who is at the door )

( Serenity opens the door and lets everyone outside in )

( Nuzamaki90, DarkusMaster, Helixdragonoid900, Kyuubidrago23, Pyrosmaster, Masters, and Bendo enter)

Wolf) Hi! ... Where is Mr. Hide behind my mask and Redakaibakulover?

Nuzamaki90) Redakaibakulover and Hydros ran off from the house to some where, we don't know. We left a note, just in case.

Wolf) So you left him behind! What, did you leave the Mask Man behind too?

Nuzamaki90) Um... Why is there a bug playing the drums... it's kind-of creepy!

Ziperator) Creepy! How about I attack you!

Teleterra) You attack my friend, I squish you! Stupid bug!

Ziperator) You know... ( Turns into Ball Form and goes into Wolf's room )

Wolf) Well, there goes Ziperator :/...

( Airzel walks in )

Wolf) Why is he here?!

Airzel) Because I was the Masked Man!

Wolf) Really?!

Airzel) Yes, Really!

Wolf) No, you were never him! It just can't be!

Airzel) No... I was!

Wolf) You just can't be, you were the person who tried to kill me! You are why I have to be stuck in this wheelchair! You're even the reason, why I'm growing a TAIL! ( Wolf starts to push the wheelchair to his room )

Airzel) I never did any of that! I was the one who...

BOOM! ( Wolf slams his door, after he enters his room )

Serenity) You know... I think I'm going to check on Wolf


Hydros) I wish, I knew where we are going!

Redakaibakulover) Just wait! In 10 minutes, we'll be there!

Hydros) Are we going to that castle?

Redakaibakulover) Yeah we that is the place we are going to!

( 10 minutes later, Redakaibakulover and Hydros are on the ground, next to the door )

Knock, Knock!

( A man opens the door )

???) Guards! Intruder alert!

Redakaibakulover) WAIT!

( Redakaibakulover whispers to the man )

???) Oh... Okay, you can come in.

Redakaibakulover) Thank you!

( The guards are called off and Redakaibakulover enters the castle )

Episode 17