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Nightingales of Darkus
Darkus Keeper Nocturnal
Night Mother Nemesis
Champion Menoetius
Assassins Chaos, Hades, Thanatos, Death, Ares, Erebus, Nyx
Battle Data
Number 10
Attribute True Darkus
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The Nightingales are a group of Darkus Bakugan who serve whoever currently has the True Darkus Energy. They do not take sides to good or evil, but instead do whatever it takes to protect the Energy, which can include crimes or assassinations.

All Bakugan inside of the Nightingales have served a previous owner of the Energy. They are each gifted with many talents as well as the True Darkus attribute.

More info to be given, can't right now due to spoilers.

Members (in order of rank)Edit



A Baku Sky Raider, Nemesis is the first Nightingale, that served under Exedra. She is known for her quick fighting style with multiple weapons. Over time, she has achieved the title of Night Mother, second-in-command.


The current Nightingale Champion and the ninth member, Menoetius serves under Nocturnal directly. He is ruthless and takes no pity. He can transform into Existere when needed, allowing him to crush anything in his path.


The second Nightingale to be added to the group, he served under Ghost. He works with illusions and subterfuge to decieve his opponents, often making them fight against each other, or against fake clones.


The third Nightingale to be added to the group, he served under Phantom. He uses nercomancy and dark magics to defeat his opponents, while also making use of stealth.


The fourth Nightingale to be added to the group, he served under Demon. He is a dark knight like Bakugan who rarely speaks and uses heavy, slow but silent attacks. He is completely silent.


The fifth Nightingale to be added to the group, he served under Twilight. He used various kinds of dark magics, mostly to do with poisoning the enemy and using distractions to let the poison slowly kill them.


The sixth Nightingale to be added to the group, she served under Grim. She either fought using stealth and shadows to conceal herself from her enemies and quick suprise attacks, or using two daggers attached to chains to restrain and pierce her foes, either from afar or up close.


The seventh Nightingale to be added to the group, he served under Jinx. He was a rogue-like Bakugan who used hexes and curses to weaken his enemies, as well as two small scythes to deliver quick attacks.


The eighth Nightingale to be added to the group, he served under Heishi, but Heishi did not know at the time. He protected Heishi from the darkness, using silent invisible magic from afar.


Infinity (Agent of Subterfuge)Edit

Blacklist (Agent of Stealth)Edit

Outlaw (Agent of Strife)Edit


Fighting StylesEdit

Divine Darkness

Silent Strike

Arcane Assassins


Other BakuganEdit




Negatov IndustriesEdit

The shady organization provides The Nightingales with various weaponry and information. However, they are always kept at an arm's length and are strictly buisness.

Dishonored DemonsEdit

A criminal orgnization, they assist The Nightingales when need be, as long as The Nightingales cover their tracks. This group's uncanny luck is due to The Nightingales.


  • Each member of The Nightingales is given a nickname. This nickname can range from names of Gods and Goddesess from mythology or names that compliment their skills.

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