The Mantra Squad 
is a short-story series created by Bolt. It  is comedy and action/adventure. It revolves around a group of nine high school students on summer break who have discovered an ancient artifact that turns them into evil-fighting powered up superheroes that defend their hometown from aliens.



The Mantra Squad

  • Chin Hikari - A sophmore who is also the leader of the gang. He represents the 6th seal, Chin and is known as Chatterman.
  • Kai Rokku - A freshman who is the main technician of the squad. He represents the 5th seal, Kai and is known as BluRay.
  • Retsu Yami - A junior who is the strategist and planmaker. She represents the 7th seal, Retsu and is known as Black Gem
  • Rin Sakura - A freshman and Shinto priestess  who serves as one of the offensive members. She represents the 1st seal, Rin and is known as Mikohana.
  • Sha Kaze - A freshman and an Egyptian foreign exchange student. He serves as the "little rascal". He is the youngest and represents the 4th seal, Sha. He is known as Sir Isis.
  • Tou Kyojin - A senior who is the "oracle" of the group. Se represents the 3rd seal, Tou. She is the oldest and is known as Pluto.
  • Zai Dakku - A freshmen who is Sha's age and a main offensive member. She represents the 8th seal. She is known as Glaive Girl
  • Zen Hakai - Zai's "brother" whom their family took in. He is a sophmore and an offensive member. He represents the 9th seal. He is known as Fanboy.
  • Pyou Kage - A junior and the only defensive/offensive member. He represents the 2nd seal, Pyou and is known as Nanoarch.

Antagonists Edit

Big Bad Circus Pack

  • Honolite - A flamboyant who is the leader of the Big Bad Circus Pack. His plans usually seem to backfire on him.
  • Mizulite - A fashion-smart huntress who is second-in-command and seems to do a better job than Honolite.She is also the Ringmaster's favorite.
  • Kazelite - The most intelligent member of the group. Like Honolite his plans sometime backfire but when he sides with Mizulite they have a higher chance of succeeding. Sometimes random, deep curiosity distracts him on the field.
  • Hana - The oldest and strongest of the BB Quartet. She is the trapeze of the circus and has the power of flowers.
  • Anima - The youngest yet one of the most mature sisters. She is the animal tamer of the circus.
  • Bara - The second oldest yet most immature sister. She specializes in ball-related attacks and is the ball walker in the circus.
  • Tris - The next to youngest sister and the most hardcore with a rough personality. She is the main acrobat of the circus.

Charmers of Bad BehaviorEdit

  •  Eudial -  Known as Redhead (because of her appearance and powers) she uses fire and flame throwers when attacking. She is one of the strongest but one of the most immature.
  • Mimete - She is the youngest and newest member. She uses tricks and gadgets in the field. Her arguing with Eudial usually annoys the team and foils their plan.
  • Tellu - One of the oldest members, she uses energy-draining plants for her attacks. She usually bickers with Mimete outside of the field but when in battle or a plan in motion she ignores her.
  • Viluy - She is one of the most stealth and mysterious members. She uses ice for her darkness and likes to stay within the shadows.
  • Ptilol - She is Cyprine's mirror half and uses focused energy to attack.  She usually attacks in tandem with Cyprine as they share one mind.
  • Cyprine - She is Ptilol's mirror half and uses focused energy to attack. She usually attacks in tandem with Ptilol as theyshare one mind.

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