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With the next brawl coming, between Bendo, Masters, Pyrosmaster, and Kyuubidrgo23 vs. Redakaibakulover and Zachattack31, Wolf seems to be acting different...

Wolf) Hmph ( Grins )

Serenity) WOLF!

Wolf) What!

Serenity) What's wrong with you!

Wolf) Nothing!

Serenity) Nothing! What was that CRAP?!

Wolf) What crap?!

Serenity) What you did out there!

Wolf) I did, what I always do out there!

Serenity) What you always do out there?! Really!

Wolf) Yes, REALLY!

Serenity) No, I mean seriously! You weren't yourself, so don't say, you were!

Wolf) I was myself!

Serenity) No you weren't, the Wolf I know, would show respect and mercy! You killed a bakugan, when you already won!

Wolf) It was for ZIPERATOR!


Wolf) But...

Serenity) But, NOTHING!

Redakaibakulover) ( Screams ) WOLF JUST SHUT UP!


Redakaibakulover) ( Screams ) BETRAYED YOU GUYS? I DID IT FOR ME!

Wolf) ( Screams ) I WOULD TOO, BUT... ( Serenity covers Wolf's mouth )... Blah Blah Blah...

Redakaibakulover) Now, on with my brawl ( Torrent Hydros comes out of ball form )

Torrent Hydros) Finally!

Bendo) D*mn, Wolf argues a lot.

Phockery) I know... ( Goes out of ball form )

Masters) Whaloid, Ready?

Whaloid) Yes, Masters ( Comes out of ball form )

Zachattack31) Sinkoid, there is no water, so I'm sorry about that

Sinkoid) A shelled shark has to do what he has to do... ( Comes out of ball form )

Pyrosmaster) Pyro Dragonoid, you ready?!

Pyro Dragonoid) You know, I'm ready! ( Goes out of ball form )

Kyuubidrago23) RAWR!

Long Tails) RAWR!

Pyrosmaster) Ability Activate! Pyros Blaster! ( Pyro Dragonoid fires a fireball out of his mouth )

( Pyro Dragonoid fires a fireball at Sinkoid )

Sinkoid) Really!

Zachattack31) Ability Activate! Shell Shield! ( Sinkoid goes into his shell, for protection )

( The fireball hits the shell, with no effect )

Kyuubidrago23) Ability Activate! Tail Wind! ( Long Tails uses his tails to make powerful gust of wind )

( Zach and Sinkoid start to float, in the air )

Sinkoid) I believe, I can fly!

Zachattack31) Ability Activate! Sinker! ( Sinkoid adds water to his shell, making him heavier )

( Sinkoid falls to the ground and Zach is standing on another floor )

Pyrosmaster) Ability Activate! Pyrotanium! ( Pyro Dragonoid fires a blast out of his mouth, with a little melted metal included )

( Pyro Dragonoid fires Pyrotanium at Sinkoid )

Zachattack31) Ability Activate! Shark Zuka! ( Sinkoid fires a blast out of his mouth )

( Both blast collide )

Pyrosmaster) Come on... please work!

Zachattack31) Sinkoid, come on, use your full power!

Sinkoid) I don't need it, it's a matter of time.

Pyro Dragonoid) So... tired!

( All the sudden, Pyro Dragonoid goes back to ball form )

Pyrosmaster) NO! I LOST!

Pyro Dragonoid) Sorry, too tired... ( Passes out, in ball form )

Sinkoid) That's 1 down!

Kyuubidrago23) Ability Activate! 9 Tail Swipe! ( Long Tails, uses his tails to attack his opponent )

( Long Tails goes next to Sinkoid and puts 4 tails into the shell and 5 tails each hit the tail once )

Sinkoid) Get out of my home! ( Bites a tail )

( Long Tails, picks the shell up )

Long Tails) RAWR!

Zachattack31) Ability Activate! Waterfall Fall-out! ( Sinkoid adds water extra water to his shell, if water already is in his shell, all the water will rush out, toppling his opponent )

Sinkoid) Bye, Bye!

( Sinkoid fills his shell with water and it falls over Long Tails )

Long Tails) X_X ( Turns to ball form )

Kyuubidrago23) RAWNOO!

( Kyuubidrago23 goes back to his seat, while Pyro is already sitting in his )

Redakaibakulover) 2 on 2 now... Zach take a break, I'll handle these two, for a bit...

Zachattack31) Okay...

( Zachattack31, sits at his seat )

Redakaibakulover) Ability Activate! Flooding Cause! ( Torrent Hydros, fires a blast, that is so heavy, it can soak an opponent and maybe flood the field )

Masters) Ability Activate! Drill Horn! ( Whaloid uses his horn, on his head, as a drill )

( Whaloid's horn starts to move very fast and Hydros' blast is getting close )

Masters) Whaloid, use your horn!

Whaloid) Yes, Sir!

( Whaloid points his horn, at the middle of the blast, making the blast into a whirlpool, on his head )

Masters) COOL!

Bendo) Abiliy Activate! Darken Flare! ( Phockery, fires a blast of fire and dark energy, from his two phos heads )

Phockery) I got an idea...

( Fires the two blast at Whaloid's horn and both blast turn to a part of the whirlpool )

Phockery) SWEET! It worked!

Masters) No, it's AWESOME! Bendo, can you protect Whaloid and me?

Bendo) Sure can do! Ability Activate! Phockery Wave! ( Phockery splits himself, into 3, each have one of Phockery's attributes )

Aquos Phockery) This will be fun! ( Hops up and down )

Pyrus Phockery) Yes it will! ( Skips )

Darkus Phockery) MAN UP GUYS! ( Stands straight like a stick )

Bendo) o_O What the-( Interruption )

Pyrus Phockery) Fudgies...

Bendo) Ugh... ( Goes back to his chair )

Pyrus Phockery) Why'd you leave us, Bendo!

Bendo) I can't control all three of you, I'm letting you 3 fight together...

Darkus Phockery) See, Bendo is a man... unlike you two!

Aquos Phockery) HEY!

Pyrus Phockery) Why YOU!

Torrent Hydros) So we got a FAT WHALE and 3 MAD DRAGONS!

( Zachattack31, walks back to the arena )

Zachattack31) I'm back!

Sinkoid) I EAT WHALES! ( Comes out of ball form )

Zachattack31) Sharks scare me!

Sinkoid) I'm a SHARK and NOW I IGNORE YOU!

Zachattack31) Less work for me... ( Goes back to his seat )

Sinkoid) I didn't mean... ( Aquos Phockey kicks Sinkoid onto Whaloid's horn )

Darkus Phockery) Good job, you finally showed, that you have guts!

Bendo) Darkus Phockery! What is wrong with you!

Darkus Phockery) What, I can bounce two dark energy, bouncy balls! ( Bounces two dark energy, bouncy balls )

Bendo) And you didn't let me play!

Darkus Phockery) Sorry! DODGE BALL!

( Darkus Phockery throws a dark energy ball at Torrent Hydros and it hits )

Torrent Hydros) OW!

( Darkus Phockery throws another and it hits )

Darkus Phockery) Because it's 1, 2... ( stops talking )

( Whaloid fires Sinkoid with the whirlpool at Torrent Hydros and the three Phockeries, fire a beam of there attribute at Sinkoid, speeding him up )


( Hydros and Sinkoid turn to their ball forms and go to their players hands )

Darkus Phockery) Three strikes, you're out at the old bakugame!

( The good crowd cheera, while the Dark Enforcers boo )

GOOD: 2 Bad: 0Edit


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