With everyone away from the battlefield, Wolf stands alone to face his younger brother!

( Wolf back flips off Wolfie )

Blueking4ever) Show off!

Wolf) Show off... can you please define it...

Blueking4ever) Show off, is when... ( Interruption )

Wolf) Blah, Blah, Blah.

Blueking4ever) YOU SUCK!

Wolf) I know you do!

Blueking4ever) WOLF!

Wolf) Wolf is not here right now, please leave a message after the beep, *BEEP*

Blueking4ever) Wolf, you know, I'm going to kick your A**!

( Wolf listens to Blue's message )


Blueking4ever) Ever, I know, with a cherry on top!

Wolf) I'm so going to beat you to ****! Beep! This language isn't for kids!

Stomboid) BLUE! Any minute now, I'm hungry!

Wolf) For cheese!

Stomboid) No, I eat Wolf salads!

Wolf) AHH! Don't eat me!

Blueking4ever) Ability Activate! Stomboid Blaster! ( Stomboid fires a blast out of his stomach's mouth )

( Stomboid fires a blast at Wolfie )

Wolf) AHH! Attack of the headless MONSTER! P.S. Wolfie, you know what to do...

( The flaming blast gets next to Nitro Wolfie, but Nitro Wolfie disappears )


Stomboid) Where are you... I must eat you!

Nitro Wolfie) How about you unfold your wings and look! Oh wait, you have no head!

Stomboid) Good idea! ( Unfolds wings and lets his eyes, on his wings look )

( Nitro Wolfie appears behind Stomboid )

Nitro Wolfie) AWOOO!

Stomboid) AHH!

Wolf) Ability Activate! Nitro Dash! ( Nitro Wolfie runs around her opponent, at a very fast speed, causing her opponent to be trapped in a tornado )

( Wolfie starts to run around Stomboid )

Blueking4ever) That move sucks, Wolf! Ability Activate! Stomboid Inferno! ( Stomboid encases himself into a lava globe and makes it explode )

( Stomboid makes a solid lava globe around him )

( Wolfie runs even faster, making the lava globe float )

Wolf) Wolfie, back off!


Wolf) Okay then! Ability Activate! Nitro Howl! ( Wolfie howl, causing winds to flow at the direction she is pointing at )

( Nitro Wolfie gets in the middle of the tornado and points her head up into the air )

Nitro Wolfie) AWOOOOOOO!

( All the sudden, the tornado starts to flow up, pushing the lava globe away from the battlefield )


( The lava globe exploded )

Wolf) I think he's dead...

Stomboid) DEAD!

Blueking4ever) Ability Activate! Lava Fury! ( Stomboid absorbs lava, giving him a lava coating )

( Stomboid absorbs all the lava from the explosion )

Nitro Wolfie) Any ideas?

Wolf) Yeah... Charge into Stomboid

Nitro Wolfie) What! WHY!

Wolf) You are fast right?

Nitro Wolfie) Yeah...

Wolf) I have an ability, that I want to use, but you need to get close as you can!

Nitro Wolfie) Okay!

( Blueking4ever, in head, Why would Wolf do that, he is going to see Wolfie get eaten then... )

( Nitro Wolfie charges to Stomboid )

Blueking4ever) Ability Activate! Gusty Pull! ( Stomboid sucks his opponent into his stomach's mouth )

Nitro Wolfie) Crap! Wolf, please activate an ability!

Wolf) Wolfie, don't worry! Just get in there!

Nitro Wolfie) Why are you so calm right now! I don't want to be a his food!


( Nitro Wolfie gets sucked into Stomboid's stomach )

Stomboid) I got my yum, yums!

Wolf) Not really! Ability Activate! Nitro Speed! ( Nitro Wolfie spins around like a drill, in a green aura of winds )

( Stomboid's stomach turns green )

Stomboid) Why is my stomach green...

Wolf) Looks like someone is sick!

Stomboid) Sick!

( Stomboid starts to spin in a clockwise motion )

Stomboid) So DIZZY!

( Stomboid starts to spin around really fast )



( Stomboid crashes into a wall and spits Wolfie out )

Wolf) Ability Activate! Nitro Beam! ( Wolfie fires a beam from his diamond shape plate )

Stomboid) So


( The beam goes through Stomboid's stomach )

Blueking4ever) Stomboid!

( Stomboid starts to fade away )

Stomboid) I ( Fades away )

Wolf) That felt, GREAT! Now who brawls next!

( Blueking4ever charges at Wolf )

Wolf) I guess, I have to beat some sense to you!

( Kicks Blue's skull and knocks him down )

Blueking4ever) You will pay...

( Wolf and Wolfie go take a seat, while Blue is removed from the field for the next match )


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